Apartment Policies

All apartment residents must abide by the rules and regulations of Eastern New Mexico University as listed in the Student Handbook, the contract, and the booklet, Apartment Living.

The tenant is responsible for knowledge and observance of the following apartment regulations and all others found in the contract and/or the Residence Life and/or Student Handbook. Violation of any of the following may result in:

  • Apartment probation;
  • Fines;
  • Termination of agreement;
  • Other University sanctions; or
  • A combination of any of the previous.

The following behaviors are specifically prohibited:

  • Violation of the University drug and alcohol policy
  • Use of apartment unit for any other purpose than a personal residence
  • Alterations, additions or improvements to apartment without prior approval from the Housing and Residence Life Office
  • Subletting the apartment unit or any part of the apartment unit during the term of the contract
  • Possession and/or use of firearms, fireworks, dangerous chemicals or other dangerous flammable materials in and around the apartment and the complex
  • Possession of any pets in or outside of apartment unit except for tropical fish in tanks smaller than 25 gallons
  • Violation of the University weapons policy
  • Misuse, abuse or neglect of any apartment unit and/or complex property
  • Sales, solicitation or advertising unless authorized by the Housing and Residence Life Office
  • Unauthorized apartment unit changes or transfers
  • Unauthorized or illegal use of telephone system
  • Unsanitary apartment unit
  • Waterbed use other than on first floor
  • Failure to cooperate with University officials in the performance of their duties
  • Refusal to show University ID to University officials
  • Failure to abide with the University/Housing and Residence Life smoking policy
  • Providing accommodations to anyone other than those authorized persons listed on the University Apartment Housing application
  • Disorderly, violent, unlawful activity or conduct, or repeated domestic problems that affect the rights and/or safety of the students in or near University Apartment Housing
  • Failure of any guests to abide by all Housing and Residence Life policies


Alterations may not be made in apartments unless deemed necessary by the University. If you believe your apartment needs alterations, contact your apartment manager or the Housing and Residence Life Office.


All bicycles should be secured to the racks provided at each building or kept inside apartments. Bicycles are not allowed to be chained to trees, light posts, or to anything in the sidewalk. Bicycles found secured inappropriately will be confiscated by the ENMU Police Department.


No fences or playpens may be constructed around any apartments. The University has furnished a large fenced-in play area for children living in West Campus apartments.


All firearms of any type are prohibited in University apartments. Storage of firearms is available at no charge with the ENMU Police Department. Prior arrangements must be made for delivery and pickup of weapons.


Most apartments are furnished, though there are a few unfurnished apartments available at West Campus. Furniture is not allowed to be removed to off campus storage. Waterbeds are permitted at West Campus only and only in first floor apartments. A waterbed contract must be completed and filed with the Housing and Residence Life Office before installation of the waterbed. The University will not remove and store furniture.


Apartment keys are issued at the time of official check-in by the apartment manager. If you lose a key, please notify your apartment manager. A lock change will be done and your account will be charged $25 for each door. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should keys be duplicated by any other source. Unauthorized keys will be confiscated and the tenant subject to University disciplinary action.


Neither the University nor its officers, agents, and employees is liable for the loss, theft, disappearance, damage or destruction at any time, or in any place, or any property belonging to, used by, or in the custody of any tenant, no matter where such property may normally be kept, used or stored. Residents should consider purchasing insurance to cover loss or damage of personal property.

Lighter Fluid

Charcoal lighter fluid should be kept inside at all times. Any lighter fluid left on porches, patios, etc., will be confiscated by the manager.


Except for tropical fish in tanks no larger than 25 gallons, no pets may be kept on or in University property. Any tenant breaking the lease in this manner is subject to immediate eviction with full financial responsibility.


Each apartment complex will have specific buildings/floors designated as "clean air zones." Smoking will not be permitted in those areas. Smoking elsewhere in the facility will be limited to individual apartments only. If a tenant begins smoking after the start of the contract s/he will be asked to move to a designated smoking building/floor or leave the complex. Any outdoor smoking should be done at least 25 feet from doors or windows.

Swimming Pools

Children's wading and swimming pools must be supervised by an adult when in use, and MUST BE DRAINED when not in use to avoid a serious hazard for young children.


Please keep all children's toys in your apartment or on your back porch. This will help keep the apartment complex looking nice and help lessen damage or theft of toys.


To be in compliance with the University safety code, all walkways must be kept clear from obstructions. Obstructions may include bicycles, grills, children's toys, storage chests, etc.