ITS Policies and Procedures

All individuals with a University account are provided with the computer use policies and procedures and have agreed to abide by the terms set forth.

The approved ENMU Computer Use Policy and procedures are to cultivate computer use at Eastern New Mexico University (the University) and to regulate computer use as necessary to protect individual privacy, to provide an equitable sharing of limited resources, and to promote responsibility in the use of University computer systems.

Failure to abide by the guidelines in the policy shall subject any user of the University computer system to sanctions, which may result in denial of computer account privileges, and/or disciplinary action, which could lead to expulsion from the University, dismissal from a position or legal action.

Additional policies and procedures outlining the access and publishing requirements for the official ENMU Web server can be found in the ENMU Web Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.

To apply for an individual or organizational webpage please view the ENMU Personal Web Page Agreement.