Local DWI Enforcement

Local law enforcement places a high emphasis on DWI enforcement. A few DWI Checkpoints and several DWI Saturation Patrols are conducted in Roosevelt County each year by state and local law enforcement agencies. In short, DWI Saturation patrols involve high volume traffic enforcement with particular emphasis on DWI enforcement. DWI Checkpoints are often heavily manned checkpoints staged in strategic locations. During these checkpoints every vehicle on that particular roadway is stopped with particular emphasis placed on the identification of impaired drivers.

Eastern New Mexico University has a "Zero" tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol at the university. If one is caught at ENMU with narcotics or alcohol on campus then enforcement action will be taken. In addition to this the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Special Investigations Division frequently conducts operations in our area. Many of these agents are in plain clothing and in unmarked police vehicles. Just because you do not see an officer it does not mean that one is not watching!


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If you need assistance or have any questions, contact us at:

ENMU Police Department
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For emergencies, please call 911.