Other Sources Available

Eastern New Mexico University offers counseling services free of charge to students at the ENMU Counseling Center. The ENMU Counseling Center staff are well-trained professionals and can help students with a wide range of problems. Students interested should call the ENMU Counseling Center.

Students seeking counseling services off campus may obtain a list of the services available and their phone numbers by calling the ENMU Police Department. The ENMU Police Department can put students in touch with the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner), Shelter, Victims’ Assistance, the Counseling Center, and numerous other public and private counseling services. Many of these are free of charge or are offered on a sliding fee scale.

For education about sexual assault and misconduct, policy development, and victims’ assistance issues, ENMU has given responsibilities to several departments and offices. Students with concerns or needing specific information are encouraged to contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or the ENMU Police Department. ENMU works specifically toward the goal of reducing the incidence of sexual crimes and providing better services for those victimized. Special assistance for victims in changing academic and living arrangements is available through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Additional services exist throughout the community to deal with special problems. Students may contact the ENMU Police Department with their needs for referral to the appropriate people or organizations.

The issue of sexual assault and other sexual misconduct is at the forefront in universities nationwide. ENMU has a specific policy prohibiting sexual misconduct and will assist victims in seeking counseling (available through the Counseling Center or several off-campus organizations), obtaining medical treatment (available through the Student Health Center and Mental Health Resources, as well as some private physicians), changing room assignments, making academic changes, and in any other way possible, including criminal prosecution through the District Attorney’s Office (if the victim so desires). Students, faculty and staff, and visitors are reminded that they can contact the ENMU Police Department for assistance at any time, and do not have to file an official police report in order to be helped. If a report is filed with the ENMU Police Department, it will be fully investigated with the findings being referred to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecutorial decisions.

Crime occurring off campus involving students or chartered ENMU organizations is reported to and handled by the Portales Police Department, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department, or other appropriate law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction. While the ENMU Police Department assists the other agencies when asked pursuant to mutual aid agreements, the reporting and tracking of crime is done by the agency of primary jurisdiction. Anyone wanting specific information on off-campus crime should contact the appropriate agency(s).

Please help us in deterring any crime on our campus by promptly calling the Police Department at 562.2393 or 911 (in case of emergencies).