Commencement Information

Wearing Your Academic Regalia

Commencement is a special occasion that has procedures that emphasize dignity and formality. The following amenities shall be observed:

  • Women and Men – The cap should be worn square on the top of the head, with the front point about the middle of the forehead.
  • Tassel on Cap
    • Associate degree candidates will wear the tassel on the right throughout the exercises.
    • Master's degree candidates will wear the tassel on the left throughout the exercises.
    • All other candidates will be asked to stand in order to move the tassel from right to left, once all diploma covers are handed out.
  • Caps and gowns – No writing or attachments, other than the tassel, are allowed on your cap, and no flowers or adornments beyond academic ribbons and cords shall be worn on your gown. We will be checking your caps, and if any writing or attachments other than the tassel are on the cap, we will provide a new one to you.

Commencement is a significant experience for most graduates, as well as their family and friends, so misconduct at this function cannot be tolerated. Eastern New Mexico University is a state institution and the possession or use of alcohol or a controlled substance is prohibited on University premises. If you are found with alcohol, or a controlled substance, or if you are acting in an intoxicated or disorderly manner, you will be escorted from the building and not allowed to return. Please help us make this a cherished and memorable event.



  • Faculty will assemble in the corridors of the lower level of Greyhound Arena (GA) at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Faculty listed on the south will proceed to the south corridor. Faculty listed on the north will proceed to the north corridor.
  • Degree candidates listed in odd number rows report to the south corridor, lower level Greyhound Arena (GA) at 9:15 a.m., May 14, 2016. Enter the south gym (GA 95) where a list of names and rows will be posted to assist you in preparing for the processional.
  • Degree candidates listed in even number rows report to the north corridor, lower level Greyhound Arena (GA) at 9:15 a.m., May 14, 2016. Enter the north gym (GA 88) where a list of names and rows will be posted to assist you in preparing for the processional.

Communication Services will be set up in the north and south gyms for you to take candid photos before finding your place in line. These pictures will be featured on our website as a thank you to family and friends.

As you are lining up, a Registrar staff member will give you a card with your name on it. You will take this card to the stage to be used by the announcer. Prior to the start of the ceremony, we ask that you take the time to write your contact information, including address, email and cell phone number on the back of your card. This information will be used by our photographers to send you picture proofs via mail, email, and/or text message. Proofs will be sent via email and text message as soon as 48 hours after the ceremony. Mailed proofs may take several days.

Master degree candidates should carry their hoods draped across their left arm through the processional and stage, where they will be hooded.



Faculty and graduates will proceed to their seats as directed by the marshals. Following the presentation of colors, national anthem, and alma mater, Dr. Gamble will step to the microphone and request a moment of silence. It is appropriate for men to remove their caps during the national anthem and the moment of silence, then replace them when Dr. Gamble invites the assemblage to be seated.


Conferring Degrees

Following remarks, Dr. Gamble will introduce the vice president for Academic Affairs, who will introduce the deans of each college. The deans will then present degree candidates for their college in the following order:

  • Graduate School
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Education and Technology
  • College of Business

The deans will instruct students in their college to stand. Once all students from one college are standing, the president will confer the degrees and the students will be instructed to sit. We will move through all colleges and degrees in this manner.


Presentation of Diplomas

Dr. Gamble will then call for students to come to the stage to receive diplomas. The entire last row will stand together, as directed by the marshal on the extreme right hand side of the row. As soon as there is room for the next row to move out into the aisle at the extreme right, the marshal will have the row stand and follow the previous row to the stage. All rows proceed in the above manner.

  • Undergraduate degrees – If you are receiving an undergraduate degree, give your name card to Ms. Teresa L. Baker-Evans on your approach to the stage. When your name is called, move to the Board of Regents member who will hand you your diploma cover. When you leave the stage, walk directly back to your row where you should sit down as soon as you reach your seat.
  • Master's degrees – If you are receiving a master's degree, you will be hooded on stage. As you approach the stage, you should have your hood draped over your left arm and you will be joined by the faculty member who will be involved in your hooding. Ms. Teresa L. Baker-Evans will take your name card. When Ms. Geni Flores calls your name, move to the Board of Regents member who will hand you your diploma cover. Then step to the dean, where your hood will be placed on you while you face the audience. When you leave the stage, walk directly back to your row where you should sit down as soon as you reach your seat.

* This year we will have a team of three photographers to take three different photos of you as you walk across the stage. The first photo will be a close-up taken at the bottom of the ramp. The second photo will be your handshake with the stage member. The third photo will be taken in front of the gonfalon after you stepp off the ramp. The photographers will be taking these photos very quickly, so please be aware.

* If you prefer not to shake hands with the members on the stage, hold the diploma cover with both hands as you walk across the stage.

* Diplomas will not be included in the diploma cover at the time of graduation. They will be mailed to you in about six weeks after the grades have been reported to the Office of the Registrar.



Following closing remarks by Dr. Gamble, all will stand. The recessional is in the order of the processional. Administration, faculty and then students will exit the arena area. There will be a reception in the south gym (GA 95) for graduates and their families immediately following commencement.


Other Items Of Which You Need To Be Aware

  • Alumni Activities – We hope you will continue your relationship with ENMU by becoming an active alumni. Please keep us informed of your mailing address when changes occur. Send any address changes or life updates to: Alumni Affairs at ENMU Station 48, 1500 S Ave K, Portales, NM, or call at 575.562.2125.
  • Flat Ralphie – Be sure to take "Flat Raphie" to join you on your post-graduation journey. Flat Ralphie can make appearances in many activities and places around the world. Take a selfie with Flat Ralphie when you get a promotion, earn an award or simply want to share a moment with the happy hound. Take Flat Ralphie to your favorite landmarks and post pictures tagged #FlatRalphie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He’ll help you stay connected to ENMU by keeping your Eastern family up-to-date on your new adventures!
  • Release of Diplomas and Transcripts – Diplomas and transcripts will not be mailed for any student that has a financial obligation to the University. Contact the Office of Student Accounts for questions, 575.562.2007.
  • Transcripts – Online transcript requests can be made from the portal, (the transcripts links are in the "Student Records" menu. If you need assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar, 575.562.2175. There is currently no charge for transcripts.

Congratulations on your accomplishment of degree completion. We hope you have fond memories of your time at ENMU. If you have questions in the future concerning your records, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 575.562.2175 for assistance.


Order of March

The order of march is: administration, faculty marshals, faculty, student marshals, students, deans.
The order of leaving the arena is: administration and deans, faculty, faculty marshals, students receiving degrees, student marshals.