Educational Talent Search Services

Educational Talent Search at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales serves 12 surrounding communities: Clovis, Portales and Tucumcari.

Activities and services provided by the Talent Search project are designed to focus on the following four areas:

  • Achievement of academic excellence
  • Development of career awareness
  • Retention of participants in secondary education
  • Encouragement toward postsecondary enrollment


Employment Skills

Study Skills Workshops

Study skills workshops will assist the project participants to understand more about learning, improving their study skills, and developing the self-determination they need to be successful students. Study skills workshops will be presented annually to 6th-8th grade participants. The following are study skills and test preparation sites:

Academic Advising

Project staff will help participants in the following areas: academic counseling and assistance in secondary school; guidance on secondary school re-entry to programs leading to a high school diploma/GED; college preparatory requirements; college general education requirements; and assistance with re-entry into postsecondary institutions.

Career Awareness

Career awareness activities help expand student understanding of the world of work by identifying career pathways and specific occupations within them, developing respect for workers in all fields, locating and researching information about specific occupations, and developing an initial understanding of educational and training requirements. Short and long-term goals will be established with each participant leading him or her toward success in an academic career. Various career interest inventories will be used to define each student’s interest in a specific area.

Encourage Postsecondary Enrollment

Advising participants, beginning at the 8th grade level, of college preparation requirements will be a project focal point. Participants will be helped with the following: completing college admission and financial aid applications; preparing for college entrance examinations; exposure to college campuses as well as academic programs; and workshops for senior participants and their parents. The following are college preparation sites:

Senior Portfolio

Senior Portfolios will be provided to all participant seniors and cover areas such as: senior year timeline, ACT/SAT preparation and dates, Internet resources, college admission and scholarship requirements, financial aid information, and resume and personal statements preparation. Participants will be assisted on a one-on-one basis with college admissions and scholarship applications, and the financial aid forms. 

Financial Aid Assistance

Participating seniors will be provided with a pre-financial aid (FA) workshop at the end of the fall semester at each target high school. Students will be given updated information on the latest financial aid regulations and given an opportunity to apply for a PIN number. In January, each senior will be given a FA folder that includes the following items: FA information review sheet, copy of FAFSA, copy of the Pre-Application Worksheet, the Student Guide, list of FA college codes and telephone numbers, NM lottery scholarship information, scholarship booklet, and Easy as 1,2,3 pamphlet.

In January and early February, evening financial aid workshops will be presented at each target high school (translators will be available as needed).  One-on-one financial aid assistance will be offered to any participant who needs help completing scholarship applications and the FAFSA.

College Campus Visits/College Day

Participants will be given an opportunity to visit local and regional colleges/universities each year to obtain information relating to admissions as well as attend one or more College Days where they will meet with college recruiters who have gathered at central locations to provide admission and scholarship applications.

Cultural Awareness Activities

The project will conduct a ‘Cultural Diversity Day’ where participants (6th- 8th grades) will experience cultural diversity through local, regional and national guest speakers, performers, writers, and artists. In addition, the project will transport participants to museums, science/technology hands-on exhibits, and historical sites.

Job and Career Resources

There is more to a successful job search than browsing countless job listings. Use the following websites to help you realize your potential. Examine sites on resume writing, cover letter advice, job hunting tips, interview techniques, dressing for success to successfully obtain a professional job, career fairs, researching your prospective employer, and learning communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

Local, State, Regional, and National Organizations

Below you will find services, links, and publications to assist you in your job hunt.

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