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Mission Statement

Eastern New Mexico University combines a traditional learning environment with 21st century technology to provide a rich educational experience. Eastern emphasizes liberal learning, freedom of inquiry, cultural diversity and whole student life. Excellent teaching and active learning define campus relationships. Scholarship, both primary and applied, cultural enrichment, and professional service are also important contributions of the University community.

Eastern, a state institution offering associate, bachelor's and master's degrees, serves students from New Mexico, other states and other nations. Educational programs are offered at the Portales campus and also by interactive distance education, public broadcast television, and branch community colleges in Roswell, New Mexico, and Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Eastern's Focus

  • Prepare students for careers and advanced study
  • Impart citizenship and leadership skills and values
  • Support and expand the role of education and excellent teaching at all levels
  • Enable citizens to respond to a rapidly changing world

Vision Statement

Eastern New Mexico University has been a respected center of learning for its region and the state since 1934 and continues to build on its rich heritage. The following is the vision statement of the University, which conveys what the institution desires to become.

The Eastern New Mexico University community envisions the following for the future:

  • The University mission is based on the concept of student success, and the people of the University provide student-centered academic and extracurricular programs to fulfill this mission. The institution recognizes the global nature of society and is committed to educating students to be productive citizens with successful careers and fulfilling lives.
  • The ENMU students pursue challenging academic goals and engage in stimulating classroom experiences, and the University emphasizes individual academic advising and career counseling. Students, faculty, and staff engage in intellectual dialog and debate in a collegial environment. The University continues to produce alumni that can compete with graduates of other institutions and are good citizens and contributors to society.
  • The Eastern community envisions a university where each faculty and staff member instills in one another and in the students a sense of social and cultural awareness and responsibility. The University accomplishes this by embracing ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity as a core value and by actively building greater diversity among students, faculty, and staff. This environment facilitates personal and social growth for all members of the University community.
  • The students are mentored by well-qualified and caring faculty and staff who treat one another with respect and work together to accomplish institutional goals. The faculty and staff pursue professional development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge to improve the classroom environment and to create greater efficiencies and productivity within the University.
  • Members of the Eastern New Mexico University community understand that education is a dynamic process and requires strategic planning, meaningful assessment, and thoughtful strategic decision-making. This process has the input of all of the University members in order to facilitate continuous improvement.
  • The Eastern New Mexico University Foundation provides exceptional funding for scholarships and program enhancements, and the Alumni Association actively supports the institutional goals. Additionally, the University has a synergistic relationship with the communities it serves.