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This week, I’m featuring the underappreciated pop prowess of Hilary Duff.

While making waves on TV as the title character on Disney Channel’s “Lizzie McGuire,” the blonde starlet also appeared on the music scene.

One of her most successful singles, “So Yesterday,” was featured on her 2003 LP “Metamorphosis.” Bubbly and fun, must-hear tracks are “Little Voice,” “Workin’ It Out” and “Party Up.”

Her 2004 album, “Hilary Duff,” took on a rock vibe for its 17 songs. Some of the showstoppers on one of my favorite albums of all time include “Weird,” “The Getaway” and “Underneath This Smile.”

“Dignity,” an electro-pop album that should have catapulted her career into superstardom in 2007, includes the expertly-produced “Happy,” the ultimate outsider track “Burned” and the snarky “Between You and Me.”

After a long hiatus, Duff returned with the post-divorce release “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” in 2015. The triumphant, but underperforming CD, includes beat-heavy songs that had chart-topping potential: “Sparks,” “Stay In Love” and “Night Like This.”

The Disney star has two “Best Of” albums (one in 2005 and one in 2008) thanks, partially, to contract disputes with Hollywood Records, but each contain extra tracks worth hearing. Check out the somber “Holiday” (2008) and girl power anthem “Supergirl” (2005).

Duff has expressed that it is difficult to do well on the charts and keep up with other artists in the social media era, but, hopefully, that won’t deter her from making more music in the near future.

Best of Duff’s Stuff (Lyrics):

“You always dress in yellow/When you want to dress in gold./ Instead of listening to your heart/ You do just what you're told.” – from “Why Not”

“I'm someone filled with self-belief/ And haunted by self-doubt./ I've got all the answers./ I've got nothing figured out./ I like to be by myself/ I hate to be alone.” – from “I Am”

“What's wrong with me?/ I get lonely in a crowd./ Everyone is smiling,/ But I made myself left out.” – from “Burned”

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