You can find some of the approved courses listed below. Keep in mind:

  • Some courses require minimum scores on placement tests for high school students.
  • Some classes have prerequisite classes.

Dual enrollment courses are offered either online, at ENMU-Portales, or at your high school campus (select areas). You may only take classes listed on the Master Agreement Appendix on file with ENMU and your high school, so your list of available courses may be different from what you see below. Be sure to speak with your high school counselor about what courses are available to you.

New Mexico Common Course Numbering and TitlesOriginal Course Numbers and TitlesCredits
ANSC 1120 Intro to Animal Science (Fall) AG 101 Animal Science (Fall) 3
AGRI 1120 Intro to Dairy (Spring) AG 102 Dairy Science (Spring) 3
AGRO 1110C Introduction to Plant Science (Lecture & Lab) (Spring) AG 203 Crop Science (Spring) 3
HORT 1110 Introduction to Horticulture (Fall) AG 221 Principles of Horticulture (Fall) 3
AXED 2110 Metal Fabrication (Fall/Spring) AG 231 Metal Fabrication (Fall/Spring) 3
AGRI 1210 Rural Buildings and Materials (Fall/Spring) AG 275 Rural Buildings and Materials (Fall/Spring) 3
AGRI 1220 Agriculture power and Machines (Fall/Spring) AG 280 Agriculture power and Machines (Fall/Spring) 3
GEOG 1130 Human Geography (Fall/Spring) ANTH/GEOG 103 Humans and Their Environments (Fall/Spring) 3
ARTH 1110 Art Appreciation (Fall/Spring) ART 131 Art Appreciation (Fall/Spring) 3
AVS 110 Introduction to Aviation (Fall/Spring) AVS 110 Introduction to aviation (Fall/Spring) 3
AVS 120/L Theory of Flight (Even Spring) AVS 120/L Theory of Flight (Even Spring) 3
ANTH 1190 C Survey of Forensic Science (Fall/Spring) BIOL/ANTH/CHEM125/L Survey of Forensic Science (Fall/Spring) 4
BUSA 1110 Introduction to Business (Fall/Spring) BUS 151 Introduction to Business (Fall/Spring) 3
BLAW 2110 Business Law I (Fall/Spring) BUS 230 Business Law and Ethics I (Fall/Spring) 3
CHEM 1110/L Chemistry in Our Community (Fall/Spring) CHEM 113/L Chemistry for Today (Fall/Spring) 4
CHEM 1215/L General Chemistry I for STEM/Lab (Fall/Spring) CHEM 151/L General Chemistry I (Fall/Spring) 4
CHEM 1225/L General Chemistry II for STEM CHEM 152/L General Chemistry II (Fall/Spring) 4
COMM 2120 Interpersonal Communications (Fall/Spring) COMM 101 Interpersonal Communications (Fall/Spring) 3
  CDIS 140 Introduction to Healthcare Professions (Fall/Spring) 3
SIGN 1110 American Sign Language I (Fall) CDIS 144 Introduction to American Sign Language (Fall) 3
SIGN 1120 American Sign language II (Spring) CDIS 244 American Sign language II (Spring) 3
  CS 123 Computer Science I (Fall, Spring) 4
CJUS 1110 Introduction to Criminal Justice (Fall/Spring) CJ 102 Introduction to Criminal Justice (Fall/Spring) 3
CJUS 2320 Gangs in American Society (Even Fall) CJ 225 Gangs in American Society (Even Fall) 3
  CA 102 Serv Safe (Fall) 1
  CA 104 Culinary Essentials I (Fall) 3
  CA 204 Culinary Essentials II (Spring) 3
ECON 1110 Survey of Economics (Fall/Spring) ECON 200 Survey of Economics (Fall/Spring) 3
ECON 2110 Principles of Macro-Economics (Fall/Spring) ECON 221 Principles of Macro-Economics (Fall/Spring) 3
ECON 2120 Principles of Micro-Economics (Fall/Spring) ECON 222 Principles of Micro-Economics (Fall/Spring) 3
  EET 110/L Circuit Analysis I (Fall) 3
  EET 131 Introduction to Engineering with MATLAB (Spring) 3
ENG 1110 Composition I (Fall/Spring) ENG 102 English Composition (Fall/Spring) 3
ENG 1120 Composition II (Fall/Spring) ENG 104 English Composition and Research (Fall/Spring) 3
FREN 1110 French I (Fall) FRE 101 Beginning French (Fall) 4
GEOL 1110/L Physical Geology & Lab(Fall) GEOL 151/L Physical Geology (Fall) 4
  HPE 142 Fundamentals Of Physical Well-Being (Fall/Spring) 1
HIST 1110 United States History I (Fall/Spring) HIST 101 Survey of American History to 1877 (Fall/Spring) 3
HIST 1120 United States History II (Fall/Spring) HIST 102 Survey of American History Since 1877 (Fall/Spring) 3
HIST 1150 Western Civilization I (Fall/Spring) HIST 121 Survey of Western Civilization to 1500 (Fall/Spring) 3
HIST 1160 Western Civilization II (Fall/Spring) HIST 122 Survey of Western Civilization Since 1500 (Fall/Spring) 3
HIST 2110 Survey of New Mexico History HIST 203 New Mexico History 3
BCIS 1110 Intro to Information Systems (Fall/Spring) IS 151 Basic Computer Skills (Fall/Spring) 3
MATH 1130 Survey of Mathematics (Fall/Spring) MATH 113 Liberal Arts Math (Fall/Spring) 3
MATH 1220 College Algebra (Fall/Spring) MATH 119 College Algebra (Fall/Spring) 3
MATH 1510 Calculus I (Fall/Spring) MATH 124 Calculus I (Fall/Spring) 3
MATH 1520 Calculus II (Fall/Spring) MATH 132 Calculus II (Fall/Spring) 3
MUS 1110 Music Appreciation: Jazz (Fall/Spring) MUS 113 Music Appreciation (Fall/Spring) 3
MUS 1120 Music Appreciation: Rock & Roll (Fall/Spring) MUS 113 Music Appreciation (Fall/Spring)  
MUS 1130 Music Appreciation:  Western Music (Fall/Spring) MUS 113 Music Appreciation (Fall/Spring)  
POLS 1110 Introduction to Political Science (Fall/Spring) PSCI 101 Introduction to Political Science (Fall/Spring) 3
POLS 1120 American National Government (Fall/Spring) PSCI 102 American National Government (Fall/Spring) 3
PSYC 1110 Introductory Psychology (Fall/Spring) PSY 101 Introductory Psychology (Fall/Spring) 3
PSYC 2120 Developmental Psychology (Fall/Spring) PSY 200 Human Growth and Development (Fall/Spring) 3
PSYC 2140 Child Psychology (Fall/Spring) PSY 201 Child Psychology (Fall/Spring) 3
PSYC 2130 Adolescent Psychology (Fall/Spring) PSY 202 Adolescent Psychology (Fall/Spring) 3
RELG 1123 Hebrew Bible (Fall/Spring) REL 101 Old Testament Survey (Fall/Spring) 3
RELG 1126 New Testament (Fall/Spring) REL 103 New Testament Survey (Fall/Spring) 3
RELG 1110 Introduction to World Religions (Fall/Spring) REL 107 Introduction to Religion (Fall/Spring) 3
SOCI 1110 Introduction to Sociology (Fall/Spring) SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (Fall/Spring) 3
SPAN 1110 Spanish I (Fall) SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish (Fall) 4
SPAN 1120 Spanish II (Spring) SPAN 102 Continuation of Beginning Spanish (Spring) 4
MATH 1350 Introduction to Statistics (Fall/Spring) STAT 213 Statistical Methods (Fall/Spring) 3
THEA 1220 Beginning Acting (Fall) THTR 101 Theatre Appreciation (Fall) 3
THEA 1130 Introduction to Film (Fall/Spring) THTR 113 Film Appreciation (Fall/Spring) 3