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Once you've been awarded your Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice at ENMU-Roswell, you can use the program outlined below to earn your Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at ENMU. Please keep in mind every ENMU bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 hours, with at least 40 of those being upper-division (3XX or 4XX) courses.

Please note: ENMU-R students completing A.A. in Criminal Justice at ENMU-R may not use professional/technical hours toward B.S. requirements.

This degree is not available online.

AA in Criminal Justice (2015-16) to a BS in Criminal Justice, Minor Required (2015-17)


Associate Degree Requirements


AA in Criminal Justice

For a smooth transition to ENMU, please ensure the courses you've taken for your AA in Criminal Justice at ENMU-Roswell include the following; this class is required as part of the ENMU curriculum in order to follow the degree program outlined on this page.

  • SOC 101 Introductory Sociology

ENMU Required Courses

ENMU Major Requirements

Upper-Division Diversity/Global Course 3
SOC 280 CJ/SOC Major Orientation 1
CJ 301 Criminal Law and the Courts 3
CJ 312 Criminology 3
CJ 489 Internship 3
CJ Upper-Division electives in CJ (12 hours minimum) 12
ENG 305 Report Writing 3

Choose Two Courses From:

  • SOC 303 Race, Ethnicity and Gender
  • SOC 419 Sociology of Law
  • SOC 431 Deviant Behavior

ENMU Minor Requirements

Minor specific courses. Various recommended minors include Sociology, Psychology or Social Work. 18-24
Elective Courses
(You'll take electives as needed to meet any remaining credit hour requirements)

Bachelor's Degree Total Credit Hours: 120

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