Pima Community College

ENMU has established a partnership with Pima Community College (PCC) to allow students to continue their education by transferring college credits to ENMU-Portales. This is a bachelor's degree program that ideally requires two years at Pima Community College and two years at ENMU-Portales, to complete. These are specific degree plans drawn up between ENMU-Portales and Pima Community College for certain academic programs, such as Aviation Science and Nursing. There are a clear set of courses to take at each school in order to satisfy the overall program requirements and obtain your degree. In addition, some classes for the ENMU degree are taught at Pima Community College, which assists Pima students in an efficient path to their bachelor's degree.

Please note if documentation is posted on these pages, it may not provide the most current information. Both PCC and ENMU-Portales are always working to upgrade programs, so the posted materials should be considered a guide only. Contact the specific department you are interested in for the most current information.

  • BAAS in Aviation Science
  • BS in Aviation Science
  • BAAS in Emergency Medical Services Management
  • BAAS in Hospitality Management
  • BSN in Nursing
  • BOE in Professional Technical Education
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of University Studies Program
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Program

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