Pima Community College Advising Sheet for Transfer to ENMU's Bachelor of Business Administration

This degree requires a total of 128 credit hours, 18 of those being upper division.

Pima Community College Coursework (77 hours)

Arizona General Education Curriculum Requirements (AGEC-B) (35 hours)

Course Credits
English Composition 6
Humanities and Fine Arts 6
Biological and Physical Science 8
Mathematics (MAT 151 College Algebra) 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Other Requirements 6

*Note: Completion of the AGEC-B Requirements satisfies the NM General Education Common Core requirements, and waives the ENMU Advisory Options and Global Diversity requirements.


Primary Concentration Coursework and Electives (42 hours)

Course Credits
FAW Activity Course (FAR may also be used) 1
CSA 101 Computer Fundamentals 3
Pima Program 18
Electives 20

ENMU Coursework (51 hours)

Core Requirements

Course Credits
IS 281 Spreadsheets and Data Analysis 3
BUS 330 Production and Operations Analysis 3
BUS 381 Business Research and Analysis 3
BUS 401 Government, Business and Ethics 3
FIN 315 Managerial Finance I 3
IS 301 Information Systems for Managers 3
MGT 313 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 453 Business Strategy and Policy 3
International Business 3
24 hours from the College of Business (no more than nine hours in any one area; academic advisor approval required) 24

BAAS Total Credit Hours: 128


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