We are excited you're considering ENMU as one of your college choices! With ENMU Adventure – Senior Preview Experience, you will be able to choose your own adventure and customize your ENMU experience. All of our events will be live so you will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact with the ENMU Crew and explore campus!

Parent Information

Parents are encouraged to attend and be part of your ENMU Adventure. We do have special sessions for our parents including a Question & Answer with our President Dr. Patrice Caldwell, Student Services with Vice President Dr. Jeff Long, Academic Expectations with Vice President Jamie Laurenz, and a session on Campus Safety with our own ENMU Department of Public Safety.

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ENMU Adventure – Senior Preview Experience | Nov 2–6, 2020

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Noon to 1 p.m.

Explore Education

Join one of our President’s Ambassadors for a live tour of the Education facilities

Explore Fine Arts

Join one of our President’s Ambassadors for a live tour of our Music, Theatre, Communications and Art & Anthropology facilities.

Explore Business

Join one of our President’s Ambassadors for a live tour of the Business facilities.

Explore Jack Williamson Liberal Arts/Science

Join two of our President’s Ambassadors for a live tour of the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts and Science facilities.

Explore ENMU/Golden Student Success Center

Join our President’s Ambassadors for a live tour of our beautiful campus and an in-depth look at our Golden Student Success Center.

5:30 p.m.

Student Session: Student Roundtable 

Join one of our President’s Ambassadors for a live tour of the Education facilities.

Paren Session: Q/A with the President 

Parents meet and have an opportunity to ask questions to ENMU’s Chancellor, Dr. Caldwell, to see why ENMU is an excellent choice for your child.

Student Session: Coaches Corner

Students get a chance to learn more about our Athletic programs and speak live with some of our coaches.

Parent Session: Student Services

Parents learn more about the Student Services provided at ENMU with our Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Long.

Student Session: Recruiter Roundtable

Recruiters from the Enrollment Services staff will provide students with their tips to transitioning and being successful at ENMU.

Parent Session: Academic Expectations

Parents talk one on one with our Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Laurenz, on the major differences between academics in high school to the expectations in college.

Student Session: Greyhound Life Roundtable

Students join in on the Greyhound Life roundtable to learn more about the many activities on campus and ask questions to current ENMU students.

Parent Session: Campus Safety

Parents get an opportunity to learn about the safety on campus by speaking with our own Chief of Police, Chief Mauldin.


6 p.m.


Learn about the application process and possible scholarships from our expert in Enrollment Services, Jessica Brunsen.

Financial Aid (In-State)

Financial Aid (Out-of-State)

Presenting on how to navigate FAFSA and the world of financial aid we will have a session for New Mexico

Student Success Resources

Join our experts in Advising and Tutoring to learn more about the many resources available to students to ensure success.

Living on Campus

Learn about the living options on campus and what is really like living in the Residence Halls at ENMU.


6:30–7:30 p.m.

Experience College of Education and Technology

This session provides an opportunity to learn more about the areas of interest under our College of Education and Technology and get a chance to speak live with professors.

Experience College of Fine Arts

With four breakout sessions within the College of Fine Arts, you will get the chance to get detailed information about your area of interest and an opportunity to speak with professors of those areas.

Breakout Sessions:

Experience College of Business

Get detailed information regarding our Business areas of interest and a chance ask questions to the Business experts.

Experience College Liberal Arts and Sciences

With multiple sessions, learn more about the many areas of interest available in our College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and speak one on one with our experienced professors.

Breakout Sessions:


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