Once you've been awarded your Associate of Arts in Behavioral Science at CNM, you can use the program outlined below to earn your Bachelor of Science in Psychology at ENMU. Please keep in mind every ENMU bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 hours, with at least 40 of those being upper-division (3XX or 4XX) courses.

This degree is not available online.

AA in Behavioral Science (2015-16) to a BS in Psychology (2015-17)

CNM Community College

Associate Degree Requirements


AS in Behavioral Science

For a smooth transition to ENMU, please ensure the courses you've taken for your AS in Behavioral Science at CNM include the following; this class is required as part of the ENMU curriculum in order to follow the degree program outlined on this page.

  • STAT 213 Statistical Methods I
  • PSY 2220 Developmental Psychology

ENMU Required Courses

ENMU Major Requirements

Upper-Division Diversity/Global Course 3
PSY 207 Writing in Psychology 2
PSY 324 Social Psychology 3
PSY 337 Experimental Psychology I 3
PSY 338 Experimental Psychology II 3
PSY 402 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 467 Physiological Psychology 4
PSY 484 Senior Seminar 2
PSY 411 Theories of Personality OR
PSY 443 Theories of Psychological Counseling
PSY 302 Learning OR
PSY 435 Cognition

PSY/PSCI 312 Psychology of Global Political Behavior OR
PSY 421 Cross Cultural Psychology OR
PSY 445 Introduction to Multicultural Counseling

PSY Electives, Upper-Division Courses 9
Elective Courses
(you'll take electives as needed to meet any remaining credit hour requirements)

ENMU Minor Requirements (Minimum 18 hours)

Minor specific courses, a minor is required. Please consult advisor for options. 18-24

Bachelor's Degree Total Credit Hours: 120

For More Information

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Phone: 575.562.2206
Toll-Free: 800.FOR.ENMU (800.367.3668)

Central New Mexico University
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Director of Counseling and Advising
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