CNM Advising Sheet for Transfer to ENMU's BAAS in Electronics Engineering Technology (Analog)

This degree requires a total of 120 credit hours, 18 of those being upper division.

CNM Community College Coursework (65-93 hours)

NM General Education Common Core Requirements (35 hours)

Communications 9
Mathematics 3
Laboratory Science 8
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6-9
Humanities and Fine Arts 6-9


Primary Concentration Coursework and Electives (75-103 hours)

Math 1315 College Algebra 3
Math 1410 Trigonometry 3
Math 1710 Calculus I 4
Technical Area Courses from AAS degree 30-58

ENMU Coursework (32-56 hours)

Core Requirements

Upper Division Global Diversity Course 3
EET 110/L Circuit Analysis I 3
EET 131/L Introduction to Engineering with MATLAB 3
EET 210/L Circuit Analysis II 3
EET 237/L Semiconductor Devices I 3
EET 337/L Semiconductor Devices II 3


Select 12 hours of the following

EET 302/L Industrial Electronics 3
EET 310/L Linear System Analysis 3
EET 357/L Electronic Communications 3
EET 402/L Renewable Energy Technology 3
EET 437 Semiconductor Devices III 3
EET 450/L Control Systems 3
EET 457/L Electronic Communications II 3
EET 490 Capstone 3

BAAS Total Credit Hours: 120