ENMU Operations Update

Email, March 13, 2020

PLEASE READ the following actions that ENMU is taking in order to protect the campus and the community. The ENMU-Portales campus has not had any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on campus. We are doing this out of an abundance of caution.

Employees should understand that the University will do whatever it can within its power to ensure continuity of pay.

  1. Employee Travel
    1. Employees (including student employees who wish to continue working) must report via the web form if they have traveled out of state in the past 7 days. https://my.enmu.edu/web/public-safety/coronavirus-information/enmu-travel-questionnaire
      1. Forms will be evaluated by Student Affairs and Human Resources.
      2. The employee will be notified and given further instruction after submitting the form.
      3. Employees will be expected to answer any calls in relation to their travel and documentation may be required.
      4. Employees will be required to stay home until their form has been evaluated.
      5. Employees and supervisor will be notified of evaluation decision via email.
    1. Employees who have members of their household that have traveled out of state in the past 7 days are required to fill out the travel form. The same analysis will be conducted as listed in item 1a.
    2. As a reminder, all university related travel out of state has been cancelled until further notice. All university-related in state travel outside of 50 miles should be approved by the Area Executive Administrator.
    3. Unnecessary personal travel is highly discouraged.
  2. Employee Child Care
    1. We understand that because of the mandatory school closure that there will be issues with child care. If you are experiencing child care issues because of the recent school shutdown, please contact your immediate supervisor who will work with the administration to assist you.
  3. Employees with ongoing medical conditions or employees whose household members have ongoing medical conditions that may impact their ability to be on campus should contact their supervisor with the concern.
  4. Employees who are feeling ill
    1. Employees who are feeling ill are encouraged to not come to work and to utilize sick leave.
      1. Employees must ensure that they follow the notification procedures as outlined in policy or departmental guidelines.
    2. Employees should understand that the University will do whatever is in its power to ensure continuity of pay.
      1. Employees with no sick or vacation time will be allowed to go into the negative on leave if they do not have enough leave available. Leave will be refunded as accrued once the employee is able to return to work.
      2. Employees and Supervisors are responsible for notifying HR if the employee is expected to go into a negative leave balance.
      3. Department timekeepers will continue to enter time as sick for support employees.
      4. Professional employees must submit leave reports via the normal process.

This is a highly evolving situation and guidance is subject to change. Please check your ENMU e-mail address regularly for further updates from the university. Contact your supervisor if you have any additional concerns and we will do what we can to work through each scenario. We appreciate your courtesy and cooperation with this matter.