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  • Think about your strengths, what do you have to offer a company (or school district) that is unique or special?
  • As an education major include your teaching philosophy... what is your goal as a teacher, how do you know when a student “gets it”, how do you approach classroom management. If you’ve written a teaching philosophy statement for a class pull out 3 to 5 lines to summarize... it doesn’t need to be very long.


  • Spell out name of degree and area of study (ex. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry)
  • Include city and state (Portales, NM) and expected date of graduation
  • Include GPA if at least a 2.5 or better


  • For the bullet points think about your accomplishments or achievements...how did you make the company better? For each activity try to include what you did (cleaned and maintained restaurant) how well you did it (according to recognized sanitation standards) and what was the end result or accomplishment (resulting in 100% health safety inspection approval)
  • Start each bullet point with an "action" word - see attached list of "Stand Out Words"
  • Include facts and figures where possible (Prepared and distributed 5,000 informational packets to potential college students in the region)
  • Include details (Designed promotional marketing materials including flyers, posters, tent cards and banners distributed throughout community to increase participation in special events)...even better if you can say "Resulting in 10% increase in participation for special events."

Activities and Honors

  • Include community service projects, student organizations and awards received
  • Do not include high school information unless it is specifically relevant to the career you are interested in pursuing (example if you were a star athlete in high school and you plan to be a coach).
  • Summarize... this should not be the longest section of your resume.