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A website where a student can create a portfolio and utilize for years to come. Some of the options the Planner offers are an Interest Profiler (similar to the SII), an Abilities Profiler (an actual timed aptitude test), a Values Sorter, and a Transferrable Skills Inventory. Additionally, the CHOICES Planner offers a Scholarship Finder, a School Finder, and has a comparison function where the user can compare one job to another. There are also research links to explore various careers and help sites for resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills.

  • Log on to bridges.com
  • Click on choices Planner CT
  • Enter Site ID: 0100517
  • Password: portales (password for abilities profiler: begin)

Career Spots

Short videos provide insight and advice on landing your dream job... from how to dress for the interview to sending a follow up thank you note and everything in between

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NACE Salary Calculator

The NACE Salary Calculator Center is the hub for compensation data, with salary data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States.

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Career Opportunities for Graduates (full-time positions)

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Online Job Boards

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Search jobs from over 20,000 job sites, newspapers and company career pages.

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