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Golden Library is a selective federal depository site. Publications from federal government agencies are included in the collection as distributed through the Government Printing Office (GPO). The federal government documents collection can be found in the library's online catalog. For a complete listing of all federal depository documents, use the links below.


Executive Branch


Judicial Branch


Legislative Branch

THOMAS federal legislative information freely available to the public.


Tax Information and Forms


New Mexico State Government

New Mexico State publications of the state as distributed through the State Depository Clearinghouse. For more information search Find-It! New Mexico Government Information Locator.


States News


Other Government Resources

CIS Index and Abstracts: (1970 - 1998)
CIS/Index is published monthly with annual cumulations and provides indexing to congressional hearings, committee reports and documents, Senate executive reports, and Senate treaty documents. These documents are arranged in the index by subject, bill number, title and name in the legislative document, report and document number, and chairperson. Index entries refer to the abstract of the document in a separate volume which gives the SuDoc number.

Government Reports Announcements and Index (GRA and I): (1971-1975)
GRA and I indexes publications of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), including technical reports of the EPA, Department of Energy, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. References can be searched by keyword, personal or corporate author, grant number, and report number. Look for the title of the publication in the Monthly Catalog or GPO database to find a SuDoc number.

Monthly Catalog of Government Publications: (1895-2004)
This is a multi-volume annual cumulative index for GPO publications from all government agencies. There are separate volumes for subject, title/author, keyword, and a periodical supplement. Citations are assigned an entry number; use the entry number to find the complete citation for the document, including the SuDoc number. For each year there are four separate volumes of citations arranged by entry number.

Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS): (1995-2011) (Located in 2nd Floor Index Area)
PAIS is a subject index to government publications on trade, employment, policy developments, major hearings, and committee prints. Citations include the SuDoc number.

Publications Reference File: (1915-present)
This is a microfiche listing of all publications currently for sale by the Superintendent of Documents. It is arranged by keywords in the publication title, and the citation includes the SuDoc number. Because the file includes current and out of print documents, it can be used as an index to publications.

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