ENMU Tutoring Network

Adjusting to college life can be difficult. Besides starting classes you have to feed yourself, make friends, get connected on campus and work – all while maintaining your GPA and trying to find time to sleep. If you find yourself struggling, getting behind, or needing more instructor time to grasp a concept our tutoring network can help. We not only want to help you pass the classes you're taking at ENMU, we want to help you develop skills for your future!

Why Tutoring?

Beyond mastering course content, tutoring helps you gain transferrable skills like time management, focusing on tasks, and how to find resources.

We also have a Tutoring Portal where you can find more information and even schedule a tutoring or group study sessions.
One thing is for sure: our tutors know how to help you because they are students too!

Tutoring Options

At ENMU we offer many tutoring options. Our resources fall under three categories: tutoring open to all students, tutoring for qualifying students and tutoring for online students.

ENMU tutors in GSSC

Free Tutoring for All Students

Whether you're in English, math, or lab classes, we have options for you.

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ENMU tutoring for online students

Free Tutoring for Online Students

Even though you're off campus, you can take advantage of our online tutoring services.

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ENMU tutuoring for qualified students

Free Tutoring for Qualifying Students

Some of our tutoring programs serve specific student populations.

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For More Information

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