ENMU Writing Center Services for Faculty

Students can come to the ENMU Writing Center at all stages of the writing process from brainstorming to drafting to revising to editing and proofreading. They can bring their assignments before they start writing, or they can bring part of a paper on which they are already working.

Writers develop their habits — good and bad — over a period of time. Any change in writing requires practice; the more students write, the more changes you'll see in their writing.

Because we don't correct or proofread student papers, their papers may still have errors. Some students might need multiple appointments over the course of a semester. The degree of improvement depends on students' individual needs and the time they're able to put into their writing.


We know you are in regular contact with your students and you read their work. You can help students understand the advantages of going to the ENMU Writing Center for support.

Writing Workshops

We are typically running at nearly full capacity, so we cannot accommodate entire classes of students, but we are available to provide presentations or workshops in your classroom. We are developing presentations that you can use on your own, or have the ENMU Writing Center staff present in your class.

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We are always looking for students who have the skills to become an ENMU Writing Center tutor. If you know a student who you think would be a good fit as a writing tutor, please email [email protected] to let us know!

ENMU Writing Center Portal

Additional information is available on our portal. We are continuing to build this resource for both students and faculty.

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