DSST (Dantes)

As a form of prior learning assessment, DSSTs offer you a cost-effective, timesaving way to use your knowledge acquired outside of the classroom (perhaps from on-the-job training or independent study) to accomplish your educational goals. The DSST test is frequently used in conjunction with CLEP tests by students who are pursuing their degree in a non-traditional format. DSST credit is available for both upper- and lower-level courses, but only for the courses listed below.

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DSST Scores and Associated Credit

Information in the following table is based on the 2017-19 Undergraduate Catalog.

Examination TitleCut-off Score for CreditCreditsENMU Course Equivalent
Business, Introduction to 400 3 BUS 151 Introduction to Business
Civil War and Reconstruction, The 400 3 HIST 293 TPS/The Civil War Era
Computing, Introduction to 400 3 IS 151 Basic Computer Skills
Criminal Justice 400 3 CJ 102 Introduction to Criminal Justice
College Algebra, Fundamentals of 400 4 Math 104 Preparatory Algebra
Cybersecurity, Fundamentals of 400 3 IS 316 Information Systems Security
History of Vietnam War 400 3 HIST 293 TPS/Vietnam
Human Resources Management 400 3 MGT 293 TPS/Human Resource Management
Law Enforcement, Introduction Systems 400 3 CJ 293 TPS/Introduction to To Law Enforcement
Management Information Systems 400 3 IS 281 Spreadsheets and Data Analysis
Money and Banking 400 3 FIN 293 TPS/Money and Banking
Organizational Behavior 400 3 MGT 293 TPS /Organizational Behavior
Statistics, Principles of 400 4 STAT 213 Statistical Methods I
Supervision, Principles of 400 3 BUS 293 TPS/Principles of Supervision
World Religions, Introduction to 400 3 REL 293 TPS/Introduction to World Religions

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