Student Confidentiality

We know you're interested in finding out how your Greyhound is progressing at ENMU. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides all college students in the U.S. with certain rights with respect to their educational records. This means that ENMU cannot disclose personally identifiable information (verbal or written) from student education records – even to parents – without a student's prior written consent.

Additional FERPA Information

How Do I Check my Greyhound's Grades?

The best source of information about your Greyhound's academic status is your student. Most students come to college having developed a mutually respectful method of communication with their parents regarding their educational goals, challenges, setbacks and progress. Many students have periodic discussions with their parents about their grades and academic status, but ultimately, the student chooses whether to disclose information. ENMU honors our students' choices on this matter.

Most ENMU students choose to sign a written consent form or allow portal access permitting parental access to certain records, typically their academic and financial records. When your Greyhound signs a form consenting to the release of certain information to parents, the decision about what information to disclose shifts from him/her to ENMU. ENMU will then exercise this discretion depending on the particular circumstances at the time.

Students have the capability to disclose information to you in a couple of different ways as outlined below.

Student Records Access

Access to the following information access can be granted by your student if they fill out the student consent form (and submit to the Registrar), and grant access through the MyENMU Portal. Some of these items can only be accessed by calling offices responsible for that information after your Greyhound fills out the student consent form (like Student Accounts for collection activity, for example).

  • Academic Information (GPA, grades, class schedule, registration, academic standing, enrollment status)
  • Financial Aid Information (awards, application data, disbursements, eligibility, financial aid academic progress status)
  • Loan Information (University-maintained loan disbursements, billing and repayment history [including credit reporting history], communication history, balances, collection activity)
  • Student Account Information (billing statements, charges, credits, payments, past due amounts, collection activity)

Portal Proxy Access

The proxy access system allows your Greyhound to give you access to some information through the portal. You cannot actually enroll in the proxy access system, your Greyhound has to add you as a proxy in their student-portal, and they to choose which information you can see. Access through the Portal provides the opportunity for students to share the following information:

  • View Address
  • View Schedule
  • View Holds
  • Midterm Grades
  • Final Grades
  • Grade Detail
  • Account Summary
  • Account Summary by Term

For more details about the proxy system, visit the SSB Proxy Access Page.

Portal Proxy Access

Student Consent Form

Another way your student can give you access the full range of student records information, is to complete a Student Consent for Access To Educational Records form to allow for ENMU to release their information to you. Please note that while this consent form authorizes ENMU to release educational records to third parties, it does not obligate ENMU to do so. ENMU reserves the right to review and respond to requests for release of educational records on a case-by-case basis.

Student Consent Form

Health or Safety Emergency Exceptions

There are a number of exceptions to the prohibition of disclosure without your student's written consent, including one for health and safety emergencies. Specifically, the law permits ENMU to disclose otherwise private and confidential information from your student's education record to appropriate parties in an emergency situation if ENMU believes the knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of your student or other individuals. Appropriate parties may include school officials, law enforcement authorities, emergency responders, public health officials, medical personnel, and other members of the community. FERPA regulations note you, as parents, are often in the best position to help your student during crises.

The Student Handbook outlines ENMU's policies regarding parental notification.

View the ENMU Student Handbook >

Other Potential Exceptions

As a parent of an ENMU student, you also may be notified if:

  • Your student is seeing a Counseling and Career Services counselor and ENMU determines your student's behavior poses a health or safety emergency
  • Your student suffers a severe or life-threatening injury on-campus
  • Your student suffers a severe or life-threatening injury off-campus (hospitals and law enforcement agencies, of course, will follow their own notification protocols)

If you have any questions, you may also contact the Office of the Registrar for additional information regarding your rights under FERPA, 575.562.2175.