Endorsement in Mathematics for Elementary Education with Elementary or Special Education Licensure (24 hours)

Degree information shown on this page is based on the 2021–23 Catalog. This course list is a guideline only; consult with an advisor before enrolling in any courses.

MATH 1130 Survey of Mathematics 4
MATH 1120 College Algebra 4
MATH 1350 Intro to Statistics 4
MATH 261 Mathematics for Teaching Grades Pre-K-2 3
MATH 262 Mathematics for Teaching Grades 3-5 3
MATH 310 Secondary Mathematical Concepts I 3
MATH 345 Mathematics for Teaching Grades 6-8 3

If you need additional hours to complete 24 hours in the content area, choose from: CS 120, MATH 1230, MATH 1510 or MATH 317