College of Fine Arts Mission and Vision Statement

CFA Mission Statement

The College of Fine Arts is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education by continuing the traditions of our profession which include the arts of all peoples. Our focus is on the development of the individual student, so each might find meaning and fulfillment as an artist, as an educated member of society, and as an expressive human being.

CFA Vision Statement

  • We envision the College of Fine Arts as a place where faculty and students will engage in collaboration and interaction both within and among departments.
  • We affirm continued commitment to the realization of student potential as the central focus of our teaching and productivity as we equip the next generation of professionals. We envision our graduates possessing the intellectual, creative, professional and technical skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of their careers in their respective disciplines.
  • We embrace developments in new technology in order to enhance instruction.
  • We envision the College of Fine Arts as a community making a cultural contribution as we provide distinctive artistic, practical, professional, and educational opportunities in response to the needs of the University and our region.
  • We envision our undergraduate programs continuing as the primary focus of our instruction, and expect to increase our influence as a regional leader as we provide quality aesthetic and practical experiences that contribute to a deeper appreciation of the human experience.
  • We are committed to ongoing pursuit of and advocacy for the resources required to realize this vision.

Vision statement amended by the Fine Arts Council on Oct. 2, 2020

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