Alternative Licensure in Secondary Education

Program Description

ENMU's Secondary Education Alternative Licensure program is designed for you if you have at least a bachelor's degree and have successfully completed adequate coursework in a New Mexico secondary endorsement area (teaching field). This is a way you can become a licensed New Mexico teacher without going through a traditional undergraduate teacher preparation program. This program addresses all secondary entry-level competencies as approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

Alternative Licensure Program Handbook

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission to the Graduate School.
  2. An undergraduate GPA of 2.75.
  3. A letter of application to the program. The letter should specify the intended area of emphasis (Secondary Alt Licensure) and career goals. The letter should be sent to [email protected].

You can find more information about this process on our How to Apply page.

How to Apply

Program Highlights

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Alternative Licensure Program Cost, Financing and Completion Rates

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Gainful Employment

Required Coursework (18 hours)

Note: Degree information on this page is based on the 2020–22 Graduate Catalog.

EDF 515 Theories of Learning and Motivation 3
EDF 530 Assessment 3
EDF 538 Instructional Design for Educators 3
SED 526 Diversity Issues in Secondary Education 3
RED 518 Content Area Literacy 3
SED 571 Internship I: Classroom Management 1
SED 572 Internship II: Instruction and Assessment 1

*SED 573 Internship III: Professional Evaluation

Prerequisites: EDF 515, EDF 530, SED 526, RED 518, EDF 538 and pass all Praxis exams required for secondary education licensure

Internship can be completed only in an endorsement area for which you are qualified. You must submit evidence of successful completion of the Praxis exams required by the state of New Mexico for secondary education licensure. You must pass the following exams for successful completion of the program:

  • 5713: Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading
  • 5723: Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing
  • 5733: Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics
  • 5622: Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6
  • Content Knowledge Assessment (specific test(s) dependent on New Mexico secondary endorsement area(s))

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) may change requirements at any time and in order to gain licensure in New Mexico, candidates must adhere and complete all requirements as identified by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

More Information About Praxis Exams

Career Pathways

  • New Mexico secondary teacher (grades 7 through 12)

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