Preparatory Courses for Health Careers

If you are considering a career in an health-related field, the sciences at ENMU also offer several pre-professional and pre-clinical options. Some professional schools will allow you to transfer into their program without completion of a formal degree; others may require you to have a formal degree that includes specific course requirements.

The options listed below are available to students who should research potential professional schools for their specific requirements and what courses to take as preparation. If you are interested in these areas, you will be assigned an advisor in biology or chemistry, although other possibilities exist. The biology and chemistry programs also support student organizations (e.g., Caduceus Health Society, Pre-Dental Society and Pre-Pharmacy Society). These organizations meet regularly and can provide additional information.

It is important if you are interested in these health fields that you consult with a potential advisor/mentor and research catalogs of potential professional schools as early as possible (even before an advisor is officially assigned if possible and certainly within your freshman year).

The Advising Center at ENMU will help you select the most appropriate advisor based on your specific needs/interests, and you should feel free to consult them as needed.

Preparatory Programs

Subject AreaDegree Options
Pre-Physician Assistant


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