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Creative activities and research are critical to informing our teaching, empowering our students, and enriching our region. ENMU's Excel: Research & [email protected] video lecture series initiative highlights the diversity of scholarly endeavors at ENMU.

These presentations help to support the idea that creative and research activities are critical components of excellence in teaching.


John Jenkins

Josh Jenkins, Instructor of Technical Theatre and Design

The Queen of Fashion. Marie Antoinette, French Court Fashion and the downfall of the French Monarchy
Did Marie Antoinette actually say "Let them eat cake"? Not exactly, but her behavior at court and use of fashion as a political tool was a main contributor to losing her head during the French Revolution. Journey with us as we explore how the Queen’s fashion and extravagant behavior led to the downfall of the French Crown.

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Dr. Manuel Varela

Dr. Jeff Gentry, Dr. Jayson Evaniuck, Dr. Ivana Mali, Thanchira Suriyamongkol

Living in the Wrong Time Zone: Elevated Risk of Traffic Fatalities in Eccentric Time Localities
This new interdisciplinary research applies circadian-entrainment theory to the problem of motor-vehicle fatalities in the United States. Across twelve years of data, vehicle-fatalities rates (VFRs) were found to be 21.8% higher in U.S. counties that are located west of their natural time zones (i.e., eccentric time localities, or ETLs). The result is more than one-thousand highway deaths per-year total in the Eastern, Central, and Mountain time zones above what would be predicted if ETLs had the same death-rate as solar-natural counties.

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Dr. Manuel Varela

Dr. John Petrone (Lead Researcher), Dr. Matthew Vetterly, Dr. Kathleen Wagner, and Dr. Jayson Evaniuck

A Quantitative Study on Understanding Teacher Inspiration: Inspiring Further Questions"
In the study "Inspired to Teach," we investigated the role of teacher inspiration connected to what influences an individual to become a teacher and how teachers might encourage their students to consider the teaching profession. The researchers collected data by administering a 35-question Likert survey instrument to 615 K-12 public school teachers from over two dozen school districts across New Mexico.

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Dr. Manuel Varela

Dr. Manuel Varela

Professor of Biology

Dr. Varela holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Center. Varela has postdoctoral training in microbial physiology from Harvard. Varela has published numerous primary articles, review articles, and book chapters. Along with his wife Ann Varela and colleague Mike Shaughnessy, Varela has published several books dealing with famous scientists' lives and scientific investigations.

How Bacteria Eat Sugars and Avoid Death by Poisons: the Story of the Antiporter Motif, Multidrug Resistance, and Synergistic Killing of Pathogens
This presentation covers how bacteria alter their appetites for different sugars by mutating solute transport systems. The talk also relates the importance of evolutionarily conserved amino acid sequence motifs towards conferring multidrug resistance in severe bacterial pathogens. The lecture concludes by presenting recent data dealing with the synergistic growth inhibition in disease-causing microbial pathogens.

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Brendon Asher in the field

Dr. Brendon Asher

Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Director Blackwater Draw

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Kansas

Virtual Tour of Blackwater Draw National Historic Site
Join Dr. Asher as he gives us a tour of Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark. The Blackwater Draw landmark is defined as a 640-acre landscape of human activity areas in an upland containing a spring-fed Pleistocene Lake. Not only is there the expected panoply of stone tools and projectile points, but outstanding bone preservation gives a glimpse of the more perishable possessions of the inhabitants. Many species of extinct fauna are found in cultural levels, as are implements made from stone, bone and ivory by the region's first inhabitants. As a major water source in the area, this locality was used throughout the entirety of prehistory and well into historic times, leaving an archaeological palimpsest of occupations and cultural activities. The Paleoindian occupation of the site is by far the most extensive with thousands of tools littering the landscape amidst an enormous number of megafauna and smaller animal kills.

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Richard Allington

Dr. Richard Allington

Assistant Professor of History

Ph.D., Medieval History, Saint Louis University

Dr. Richard Allington was born and raised in Hemel Hempstead in the UK. He completed his B.A. in History at Christendom College in 2011 and his PhD in Medieval History at Saint Louis University in 2018. He is currently Assistant Professor of History at Eastern New Mexico University.

New Soldiers: The Crusades of St. Francis of Assisi
Previously, few medieval figures have been viewed as more antithetical to the crusades than the poor man of Assisi, considered a nature-loving man of peace, rather than a brutal warrior knight. Reviewing the early biographies of Francis in light of modern crusades scholarship, however, shows that the ideas underpinning crusading campaigns also exercised a profound influence in the formation of Franciscan spirituality.

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Brendon Asher in the field

Dr. Darrell Roe

Assistant Professor of Communication

Ph.D., Mass Communication, University of Georgia

Revealing the Schematic Tricks in TV Commercials: Why Are Those Ads So Effective
A critical analysis of the formal features of TV ads to determine the rhetorical techniques used by advertisers. This analysis presumes that advertisers are both manipulative and deceptive, using psychological tricks to distract viewers from assessing the validity of product claims. Moreover, they play on viewers' preconceived stereotypes and expectations. They do all of this without viewers knowing the techniques that are being used.

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