Minor in Communication Studies

 Communication Studies (15 hours)

This minor focuses on the study of human communication with regard to public speaking, politics, culture, and theory, with one additional elective chosen from areas such as popular culture, gender, organizational communication, nonverbal communication, research methods, and interpersonal or family communication.

If you are earning a major in communication, you may not choose communication studies as a minor.

Communication Course Requirements (12 hours)

Communication 102 Public Speaking 3
Communication 300 Introduction to Communication Theory 3
Communication 334 Persuasive Communication 3
Communication 390 Rhetorical Communication 3


Elective Course (3 hours)
Complete one of the following.

Communication 310 Popular Culture 3
Communication 330 Power Games: Politics and Media 3
Communication 331 Intercultural Communication 3
Communication 380 Nonverbal Communication 3
Communication 470 Interpersonal Communication and Relationships 3
Communication 475 Gender Communication 3
Communication 477 Family Communication 3
Communication 493 (If the special topics offering is a communications studies course) 3