College of Education and Technology Facilities

The Education Building (ED) houses a majority of the CET faculty and programs. Administrative offices, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Department of Educational Studies, the Teacher Education Office and classrooms are located in this facility. Greyhound Arena (GA) houses the Department of Health and Physical Education as well as classrooms. The fourth CET department, Family Consumer Sciences and Agriculture, is located in three separate buildings. The early childhood education and culinary arts programs have faculty and classroom space in the Family and Consumer Sciences Building (FCS), which is located adjacent to the Child Development Center (CDC), with space for teaching and clinical experiences The agriculture program is in the Agriculture Building (AG).

Within these facilities there are several state-of-the-art laboratories.

Animal Reproduction and Nutrition Laboratory

This ENMU research laboratory addresses the University's strategic goals by providing students with a learner-centered environment in which faculty provide research mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students for enhanced learning through research.

The ENMU Animal Reproduction and Nutrition Research Laboratory is approximately 605 square feet and designed for cell cultures, hormone assays, histology, RT-PCR and other needs.

The main objective of this laboratory is to produce well-educated and productive scientists that are critical thinkers that can solve complex problems and thus are ready to contribute in a positive way to society after graduation. In this regard, the faculty and scientists involved in this laboratory envision the active participation of undergraduate and graduate students in research to be a critical component of providing students with the highest quality education and experience necessary for successful professional careers.

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Cell Culture Laboratory

The cell culture laboratory is designed for cell cultures, hormone assays, histology, RT-PCR, and other needs. In the laboratory for cell culture research is the following equipment:

  • Inverted Microscope with compatible camera
  • VWR Waterbath
  • Water Jacket CO2 Incubator
  • 5417R Centrifuge
  • Allegra 6R Centrifuge
  • Purifier Delta Series Biological Safety Cabinet
  • VWR mini vortex

Equipment for hormone assays and RT-PCR includes an Eppendorf Mastercycler and an Opsys MR Dynex Microplate reader. This laboratory also consists of the equipment for histology, including a Shandon Finesse 322 microtome.

Cell Culture Laboratory

Teaching Laboratory

The teaching laboratory has the ability to do complete feed analysis, embryonic transfer, semen analysis and other processes. Feed analysis equipment includes:

  • Labconco Rapid Digester
  • Labconco RapidStill II
  • Theroscientific Thermmolyne Furnace
  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Oven
  • Welch Vacuum Pump
  • VWR Rocking Platform
  • Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter
  • Delta Series Biological Safety Cabinet

Equipment in the laboratory for embryonic transfer and semen analysis includes:

  • Micromanipulator/microsurgery station
  • Portable Embryo Transfer Nitrogen Freezer
  • Impulse heat sealer
  • Artificial Insemination equipment
  • Two liquid nitrogen tanks

Indoor Live Animal Center

The indoor live animal center can house bovine, ovine or porcine. It consists of eight stock pens and a feed storage area. The Live Animal Center includes an animal surgery room (186 sq. ft.) and a secure pharmaceutical/anesthetic storage room (39 sq. ft.). Some other equipment within these laboratories includes:

  • Fisher 307A low temperature incubator
  • -20 freezer
  • Two chest freezers
  • Two refrigerators
  • Ohaus Harvard trip Balance
  • Satoruis Compentence Scale
  • Ohaus Scale
  • Fisher Accumet pH Meter
  • Tuttnauer Autoclave
  • Upright Compound Microscope
  • Spectrophotometer

Culinary Arts Labs

The FCS facility is home to two culinary laboratories.

The first (~928 sq. ft.), is designed for food preparation and storage of dry goods, refrigerated foods, and frozen foods. This laboratory contains:

  • Two Hoshizaki CR2B5S commercial reach-in refrigerators (total =102 sq. ft.)
  • Two Whirlpool EV 188 upright freezers (total =36 sq. ft.)
  • Eight Johnson-Rose 60" x 24" stainless steel worktables

The second culinary laboratory (1137 sq. ft.) contains:

  • Four (4) Bosch sealed-top free standing electric range/ovens (HE57282U)
  • One Maytag 8114P749 sealed-top free standing range/oven
  • One General Electric XL44 self-cleaning extra-large gas range/oven
  • Six (6) Panasonic NN-SN778 Inverter microwave ovens
  • Six (6) KitchenAid Classic 275W upright mixers
  • Two KitchenAid Professional 575W upright mixers
  • One Omcan SP 300A, 30qt. 3-speed floor mixer
  • One Hoshizaki F300-BAF commercial ice machine
  • One Jackson Conserver XL-E ware washer

Culinary Arts Labs