Accelerated Chemistry Bachelor of Science to Master of Science Plan (BS/MS)

As a chemistry or biochemistry major at ENMU, you have the option to participate in an accelerated program, the BS to MS Chemistry Program. You can take up to 12 graduate hours during your last year of undergraduate coursework, which allows you to complete your master's degree more quickly. These hours apply to both undergraduate and graduate chemistry degrees.

When you apply for any graduate program, you must be accepted into the Graduate School and then to the program you want to pursue.

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Participating in the Accelerated Chemistry Program

To participate in the BS to MS Chemistry Program, you would apply to Graduate School during the final semester of your junior year. You must be admitted into the chemistry graduate program prior to enrolling in graduate credits.

Graduate Program Admission Requirements

Admission to the accelerated program requires that you meet graduate school admission requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, your admission is based on a review of your academic performance up to that point.

BS to MS in Chemistry Coursework

Once admitted to this accelerated program, you may take up to 12 hours of graduate (500-level) courses during your senior year. While in your senior year, you must seek approval for registration from the Chemistry Program's graduate coordinator and from the dean of the Graduate School.

The specific courses that will count as shared credit include:

Note: Degree information shown on this page is based on the 2022-24 Graduate Catalog.

CHEM 511 Thermodynamics 3
CHEM 507 Electrocatalysis 2
CHEM 548 Writing in Chemistry 2
CHEM 549 Metabolic Chemistry 2
CHEM 551 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
CHEM 594 Graduate Seminar 1

Please note: If you make a grade of C in one of these courses, the course will still count to your undergraduate degree requirements but you may not be able to use that course for your MS in Chemistry degree.

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