If you wish to understand more about how societies define and address crime – its causes, its impacts and societal responses to it – you would benefit from a minor in criminal justice.

Popular Majors

Criminal justice is a minor you can complete 100% online. Specific majors that might benefit from this minor include:

Criminal Justice Minor (21 hours)

If you major in criminal justice, you may not also minor in criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Course Requirements (9 hours)

Criminal Justice 102 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
Criminal Justice 301 Criminal Law and the Courts 3
Criminal Justice 312 Criminology 3

Other Requirements in Criminal Justice (9 hours)

Complete 9 hours of CJ electives, at least 6 of which must be upper division (300 or 400 level).

Requirements in Sociology (3 hours)

Complete one of the following.

Sociology 303 Race, Ethnicity and Gender 3
Sociology 419 Sociology of Law 3
Sociology 431 Deviant Behavior 3