Lea Hall (LH)

lea hall

Classrooms and offices for the communicative disorders (CDIS), social work and nursing programs are located here. You can also find the Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Center (SHROC) in this building. SHROC offers CDIS majors the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an educational environment. The Post Office and Black Water Draw museum are also located in this building.

Room Reservation Information

Room Capacity Equipment Restrictions Contact
LH 111 –
25 13 Tables
25 chairs
Classroom Office of Institutional Research
LH 122 –
30 15 Tables
Podium w/computer
Mediasite equipment
Projector and screen Audio
MEDIASITE Classroom This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
LH 123 25 Tables Classroom Office of Institutional Research
LH 137 –
HHS Access
15 Tables HHS Conference Room
(HHS First)
Wendy Turner,
Department Secretary,