How to Apply

Whether you are a high school student looking for information about dual enrollment, a college student currently enrolled in another program, or an industry professional looking to earn your next degree or certificate, there's an adventure waiting for you at ENMU.

Find the student description that best applies to you below:

First-Year Student Application Information

Apply as a First-Year Student

If you're applying to Eastern for the academic year immediately after your graduation from high school, or if you have not attended college since high school graduation, this is the place for you.

Transfer Student Application Information

Apply as a Transfer Student

You're considered a transfer student if you attended an accredited college or university after your high school graduation, not including the summer immediately following your graduation. If you are working on your second bachelor's degree, you are included in this category.

Graduate Student Application Information

Apply as a Graduate Student

Broaden your career options and professional prospects, or continue your intellectual interests and passions by furthering your education with a graduate degree from ENMU.

Military Student Application Information

Apply as a Military Student

ENMU is proud to serve Cannon AFB and military families stationed around the world. Whether you're active duty, guard/reserve, or a veteran, ENMU has programs to meet your needs.

International Student Application Information

Apply as an International Student

If you are not a citizen of the U.S., or if you are not a permanent resident and you require a visa to study in the United States, find more information about applying to ENMU here.

Former/Returning Student Application Information

Apply as a Former/Returning Student

If it has been more than one semester term since you last attended ENMU, or if you were suspended after your last enrollment, you fall into the former/returning student category.

Non-Degree Student Application Information

Apply as a Non-Degree Student

You are a non-degree student if you want to take courses without pursuing a degree, or if you already have a bachelor's and aren't interested in getting another.

Dual Enrollment Student Application Information

Apply as a Dual Enrollment Student

If you are a public high school junior or senior, or homeschooler, you may be eligible to participate in our dual enrollment program.

ENMU System Campuses

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Still Not Sure Where to Start?

If you have questions or aren't sure how to apply, contact our Office of Enrollment Services to find out more about requirements, deadlines and to find the online application that's right for you.

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