Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

The Drug Free Schools and Campus Regulations (34 CFR Part 86) of the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA) require an institution of higher education (IHE) such as the ENMU Portales to certify it has implemented programs to prevent the abuse of alcohol and use or distribution of illicit drugs both by ENMU Portales students and employees, both on its premises and as a part of any of its activities.

ENMU, in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1990, does not condone illicit possession, use, or distribution of controlled substances or alcohol. ENMU is committed to drug and alcohol education for students and employees and takes an active approach toward the health and safety of all members of the University community.

ENMU alcohol and drug policy 40-13 and the entries in the Student Code of Conduct are in keeping with the educational mission of the institution and applicable state and federal laws governing controlled substances. The policy applies to the illegal possession, distribution and abuse of alcohol, drugs and controlled substances as defined in New Mexico statute by any member of the campus community.

ENMU Drug and Alcohol Policies


  1. Possession, use or distribution of alcoholic beverages on University property or at authorized University events; or
  2. Possession, use or distribution of alcoholic beverages or their containers in University owned residential structures.

Narcotics or Controlled Substances

  1. Possession, use or distribution of any controlled substance or paraphernalia on University property, including parked vehicles, outdoor venues, buildings, or any other area owned by the University; or
  2. Possession, use or distribution of any controlled substance or paraphernalia at any University sponsored event, whether the event occurs on property owned by the University or owned by a private party.

ENMU Drug and Alcohol Sanctions

Students - Students found to be in violation of this Alcohol and Other Drug Policy will be subject to college sanctions as outlined in the Student Conduct Code. College sanctions may include substance abuse education, warning, reprimand, probation, removal from College housing, suspension, or dismissal from the College itself. Students found in violation of this policy may also be subject to official ineligibility for financial assistance and/or ineligibility for athletics.

In addition to these sanctions, possible legal warrants may be issued if in violation of City, State and Federal laws.

Campus Resources

All enrolled ENMU students are eligible for FREE and confidential counseling services through the Department of Counseling and Career Services.

In addition, ENMU provides education and information through small-group presentations, prevention-themed events, printed materials and social media content to all students.

All current employees can connect with the Department of Human Resources to identify available resources with regards to drug and alcohol.

Educational Information

Drug and Alcohol Laws


State of New Mexico

City of Portales

Health Risks Associated with Drug and Alcohol Use

Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Helpful Links


A partial listing of resources for students seeking information about or assistance with alcohol, drug, or controlled substances use, abuse, or dependency appears below: