Department of Biology

Biology, the study of living organisms, informs our view of the world around us. Our faculty's research interests in antibiotic resistance, behavioral ecology, entomology, human physiology, molecular biology, and wildlife sciences are central to advancing human understanding of ourselves and the world around us. If you are interested in the complex connections that regulate the natural world and in pursuing a rewarding career that allows you to engage with some of the most exciting developments and challenges of today, from health to conservation science, our biology programs are the right fit for you.

Biology Major and Degree Options

If you are majoring in biology, you'll complete 41 hours of general education requirements, 23 hours of biology core courses, 21-24 hours of additional biology courses (dependent on emphasis), and 31-32 hours of course requirements in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and statistics. ENMU's biology degrees are composite degrees, meaning that no minor is required to accompany the major.

Our biology programs range from a broad overview to a specialized field, as indicated by the following degrees:


Wildlife and Fisheries Science Major

ENMU also offers a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Science for students interested in working in these fields. This is a great choice for students seeking careers with government agencies at the state or federal level (e.g. Forest Service; State Game and Fish Department; US Fish and Wildlife Service, amongst others). Students seeking certification with either the Wildlife Society or The American Fisheries Society can complete the necessary coursework at ENMU.

Teaching Licensure for Biology Majors

In the biology program, you can also earn your natural science secondary teaching licensure.

Preparatory Courses

Although ENMU does not offer a bachelor's degree in the following fields, we have the courses available for you to complete prior to attending a more specialized program at another school.

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