This minor is available to music majors only.

Fine Arts Course Requirements (20 hours)
MUS 218 (1 hour) and 4 hours of MUS 458 fulfill the 5 hours of applied music required for the Bachelor of Science in Music.

Music 211 Sound and Music Technology 3
Music 220/420 Applied Music (Piano) 2
Music 362 Ochestrations and Arranging 2
Music 381 Sounds Sequencing and Synthesis 3
Music 452 Form and Analysis 2
Music 458 Composition (4 semesters of 2 credits each semester) 2
  • Music 454 Senior Project OR
  • Music 459 Internship in Music


Dustin Seifert

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Chair, Department of Music; Director of Bands; Euphonium and Tuba

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