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ENMU is currently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). We have been providing affordable, accredited degrees for over 85 years.

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Flexible online courses make it easy for you to earn your degree while you balance full-time or part-time work and your personal life.

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Program Director

George Arguello

George Arguello, LMSW

BSW Program Director

Office Location: Lea Hall (LH), Room 143

Phone: 575.562.2053

Department of Health and Human Services

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Program Details

We pride ourselves on faculty who bring many years of field experience into the classroom. Our student-to-teacher ratio is low, which gives you more personal attention to help you be successful. Students must fill out a program application and be accepted into the program.

Additionally, our curriculum gives you the basic knowledge, skills and values you need for competent and ethical generalist social work practice. Field placement in your area of interest compliments your classroom experience. Faculty, field supervisors and field liaisons support your hands-on field experience. The BSW Field Instruction Manual outlines this process.

Bachelor of Social Work Program Notes

  • CSWE Accredited
  • Title IV-E Program for in-state students
  • Affordable tuition
  • Small class sizes
  • Support for field placements

Program Learning Outcomes

Operating within the Department of Health and Human Services in ENMU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, our BSW Program follows the standards and guidelines of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) to prepare you to be competent, caring, ethical and effective social work practitioners.

The ENMU BSW Program is CSWE accredited and supports the principles of the National Association of Social Worker's (NASW) Code of Ethics throughout our curriculum.

Program CSWE Competency benchmarks are reported in the annual survey. This survey will be updated every two years in accordance with AS-4-B CSWE requirements.

Admission to ENMU's BSW Program

Our BSW program accepts new students in the fall and spring semesters. You must submit all application materials for admission and complete the application process by the published application deadlines to be admitted to the Bachelor of Social Work Program.

Application deadline for fall acceptance: April 30
Application deadline for spring acceptance: November 15

Program Application Process

The BSW Program application process involves applying to ENMU and the BSW Program, submitting and essay and three references, and completing an entrance interview. In order to be admitted to ENMU's Bachelor of Social Work Program, complete the following three steps.

  1. Submit an ENMU Undergraduate Application for Admission (and be admitted to ENMU). If you are already an ENMU student, you do not need to fill out another Undergraduate Application for Admission. If you are applying as a new student, you may be required to submit official transcripts as a part of this process. For more information about applying for admission to ENMU see How to Apply.
  2. Submit the ENMU Social Work Program Application. As your ENMU student ID number is required for this form, you will need to fill out the program application after you are accepted to ENMU. The BSW Program Application includes a 500-word essay about why you are interested in majoring in social work at ENMU. In addition to other general information, the application form also requires you to provide contact information for three professional references (including their names, email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses). Professional references may include: supervisors, teachers, coaches, advisers or practicum supervisors. Please note: Family and friends are not considered to be professional references. We will contact your references to send them a BSW Reference Form with instructions about how to submit their reference. Tip: Be sure to give them plenty of lead time, and let them know ahead of time that the BSW Program has to receive their signed reference form before your application can be processed (see application deadlines below).
  3. Schedule your entrance interview. Once we receive your BSW application and references, you will be contacted by Program Secretary Christyn Lee to schedule your entrance interview. You will interview with a BSW faculty member on campus or by distance via Zoom (video conferencing app).

Please note: We must receive all application materials including references before we can process your admission.

If you have any questions during the application process, contact the BSW Program Secretary Christyn Lee

After You Are Admitted to Our BSW Program – Next Steps

Once you are accepted into ENMU's Bachelor of Social Work Program you will need to complete the following items:

  1. Declare your major. Go to When you declare your major, you'll choose the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and then the Department of Health and Human Services to find the Bachelor of Social Work option.
  2. Read the ENMU BSW Student Manual, sign and return the acknowledgement page. Once you have read the ENMU BSW Student Manual, print, sign, and fax the acknowledgement page (the last page of the document) to the BSW Program at 575.562.4401 or email a scan of the page to [email protected]. This page will be kept in your BSW student file.
  3. Meet with Your Social Work Program faculty adviser. You will meet with your adviser each term to monitor your academic progress and path to graduation. These advising sessions are also a great opportunity for you to explore post-graduation employment interests.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We are committed to helping you finance your education. In addition to grants, loans and scholarships offered by Financial Aid and Enrollment Services, there are also many scholarships for current students available through the ENMU Foundation.

Learn more about ENMU scholarships

Our program is designed to be completed online, in person or with a combination of online and in-person, providing a flexible learning schedule that will work for you. You'll be completing assignments, readings, papers, tests and projects throughout the semester.

This concentration includes the following course format(s):

  • Courses where recorded and live lectures via Mediasite connect you with professors and other students on your own time (labeled "AW")
  • Courses where participation with the professor, other online students and students attending the in-person class on campus may be required in real-time (labeled, “SW”)
  • Courses that are completely online and offered through Canvas, with no recorded lecture or in-person students (labeled "WW")

Hands-On Experience/Special Opportunities

Field education is an integral part of social work education at ENMU and it is structured to prepare students to become competent entry level generalist social work practitioners. Field Education has been identified as the signature pedagogy of social work education. As the signature pedagogy, field education is the central form of instruction and learning that socializes social work students to perform the role of practitioner. The intent of field education is to integrate the theoretical and conceptual contribution of the classroom with the practical world of the practice setting. It is a basic precept of social work education that the two interrelated components of curriculum—classroom and field—are of equal importance within the curriculum, and each contributes to the development of the requisite competencies of professional practice.

For students interested in working with children and families within the foster care system, the Title IV-E program offers opportunities for future social workers. The Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD) and the Title IV-E Program work together and search for eager students who have a heart for children in need and enjoy a challenge. The Title IV-E stipend program gives students a paid internship with CYFD with an employment offer for the department after graduation.

Faculty and Advising

The program faculty are committed to responsible academic advising. This means we help you schedule the right courses at the right time to help you take the next step in your professional career. Faculty members are specialists in their areas of advising and are current with requirements for admission into the programs they advise so you get the academic advice you need, when you need it.

Academic Help and Resources

We want to make sure you get the support you need. We offer flexible tutoring services, including the ENMU Writing Center which is available to help you improve your writing and help you clearly communicate for written, school-related projects and assignments.

We also have online databases, journal article, and eBooks accessible through the Golden Library. ENMU librarians are available virtually, via phone and email to provide assistance, so you'll always have the help you need to take advantage of library resources, even if you're sitting in front of your computer at home.

See our library services

Service and Mutual Interest Organizations

If you would like to get more involved, ENMU provides the opportunity to use the skills you'll gain while working on your degree to hold leadership positions in our many organizations. At ENMU, you will be able to explore more than 50 student organizations that range from academic, cultural, multicultural, service, special interest and fraternities/sororities. You'll have the opportunity to join The Student Association of Social Work which provides interaction opportunities between students, faculty and social work practitioners through planned meetings and community services projects.

If you see a need for an organization we don't have, you can even start your own.

See student organization information

Career Opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, the social work career path has a higher than average projected growth rate when compared to other occupations. The need for social workers across the country continues to grow. Social workers are licensed professionals found in a wide variety of practice settings including:

  • Mental Health
  • Military
  • Child Welfare
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Career Services for Students

Career Services offers free job placement assistance to all ENMU students, so if you are looking for a job, we can help you find it.

We offer many resources including various workshops throughout the year covering topics like resume writing, interviewing for jobs, and more! As an ENMU student, if you’re interested in individual help for things like networking, social media for success, resume writing, and mock interviews, our staff is available to help.

Read more about career services for students

Need More Information about ENMU's BSW Program?

If you need additional information or want to discuss how you may fit with our Social Work Program family at ENMU, we'd love to hear from you! Call our Social Work Program Director George Arguello.