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BAAS General Information

Subject AreaDegree Options
Animal Science BAAS concentration, Animal Science
Aviation Science BAAS concentration, Aviation Science
Business BAAS concentration, Business
Career and Technical Education BAAS concentration, Career and Technical Education
Criminal Justice/Sociology BAAS concentration, Criminal Justice/Sociology
Culinary Arts BAAS concentration, Culinary Arts
Diverse Populations and Age Groups BAAS concentration, Diverse Populations and Age Groups
Electronics Engineering Technology
Emergency Management BAAS concentration, Emergency Management
Family and Consumer Sciences BAAS concentration, Family and Consumer Sciences
FCS Foods and Nutrition BAAS concentration, FCS Foods and Nutrition
Fire and Emergency Services BAAS concentration, Fire and Emergency Services
Human and Social Sciences BAAS concentration, Human and Social Sciences
Information Systems
Liberal arts BAAS concentration, Liberal Arts
Personal Financial Planning BAAS concentration, Personal Financial Planning
Pre-Professional Education BAAS concentration, Pre-Professional Education
Religion  BAAS concentration, Religion
Science BAAS concentration, Science

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) concentrations Sorted by Department

College of Business

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of History, Social Sciences and Religion

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Psychology and Political Science

Department of Physical Sciences

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