Dual Enrollment Agreements

New Dual Enrollment Partnerships with ENMU-Portales

Every dual enrollment partnership requires an agreement between ENMU Portales and the school district wishing to partner with us. A sample copy of our dual enrollment agreement is available by request from the dual enrollment coordinator.

The Dual Enrollment Memorandum of Understanding is the official agreement between ENMU and the partnering district. The document describes:

  • The scope of student expectations and obligations of each party.
  • A finalized course appendix outlining which courses are available in a school district and delivery locations.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Development

Dual enrollment at New Mexico public, private, or charter schools requires that the respective districts develop and sign a Memorandum of Understanding between their school district and ENMU Portales. MOUs must be updated a minimum of once every three years. MOUs must also be updated if a change of the official signatory (usually a district superintendent) occurs. The MOU course appendix must be revised each year by law.

Once developed, the school district (LEA) is responsible for electronically submitting the MOU to the Dual Credit Education Administrator:

Mark Duske Phone: 505.827.6712.

Below are the steps for developing a Dual Enrollment MOU with ENMU Portales:

Step 1:

Evaluate both local needs and education goals for high school and college completion. Evaluate ENMU-Portales' course offerings to identify courses the district wishes to approve for participation.

Step 2: 

The MOU serves as a record of collaboration between the Local Education Agency and the Postsecondary Institution (ENMU Portales). This collaboration allows each institution to align the agreement with high school students' college and career readiness goals. A sample of the default master agreement for the state is available for your reference on the NMHED webpage.

Focus on the following areas:

  • Articulate LEA and ENMU-P dual enrollment requirements
  • Discuss/Clarify:
    • Grade level, GPA, or other factors determining eligibility at the high school level. Also determine postsecondary grade level, GPA, placement scores and eligibility requirements.
  • Review proposed course options to ensure that the courses selected fit the standards and benchmarks outlined by the NMPED.

For districts pursuing courses taught by credentialed faculty at the high school, both the LEA and ENMU-Portales must complete the following:

  • Evaluate prospective resource faculty for credentialing status as an instructor under the university credentialing body.
  • Determine if proposed courses are offered at institutions in the district's Geographical Area of Responsibility (GAR). If a conflict exists with course offerings.
    • ENMU-Portales will contact the HEI's administrative staff for formal approval of the proposed course offered within their GAR. Note that GAR only applies to courses offered onsite at the high school. This restriction does not apply to courses offered online.

Step 3:

Complete MOU signatures and submit the final MOU to the ENMU Dual Credit Education Administrator

  • The LEA and ENMU Portales representatives sign the final Master Agreement. MOU is submitted to the state Dual Credit Education Administrator by the LEA.

Step 4:

  • The New Mexico Higher Education Department and the Public Education Department then use the course appendix for tracking dual credit participation at high schools and ENMU-Portales.

Note the following:

  • HED will not reimburse Postsecondary Institutions for courses unlisted in the Master Agreement. The PED will not reimburse LEAs for textbooks for courses unlisted in the Master Agreement.
  • If ineligible courses are included in the Master Agreement Appendix, these courses will not be reimbursed by HED, nor will PED reimburse LEAs for textbooks for ineligible courses (remedial, developmental, and PE activity courses are all ineligible for Dual Credit).

Step 5:

Assign a counselor or high school representative as the primary contact for student enrollment and begin registration.

For all discussions regarding MOU Development with our program, please contact:

Coordinator, Dual Enrollment and Continuing Education
Phone: 575.562.4248
Fax: 575.562.2168
Email: [email protected]