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The decision to participate in an education abroad experience is often the most transforming and inspiring aspect of a student's academic career! ENMU offers the opportunity for international academic experiences during the summer, winter session, semester and academic year, with opportunities for field study, undergraduate research, and community service.

ENMU Education Abroad assists students from inquiry to application while abroad and upon return. Explore the Study Abroad Student Guide to learn more about the education abroad process.

Study Abroad Student Guide

Kris Galvan – Educator and Mental and Behavioral Health Practitioner

"Studying abroad with you and the program in Merida, Mexico was a life-changing experience not only being able to see cultural perspective in a country-to-country lens but also shaped my cultural perspective as I worked as an educational school teacher for elementary students but also my current profession in mental health and behavioral health counseling, knowing that we all come from different cultures and walks of life is so helpful when working with individuals experiencing major depression anxiety bipolar or schizophrenia and this study abroad program open my eyes to that concept I am always grateful for that and you!"

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