Transcripts and Grades for Dual Enrollment Students


ENMU will provide midterm and final grades to your high school counselor or another appropriate contact at your high school. Grades will be available after the ENMU deadline for final grade submission. Check our deadlines and important dates to find our when your school will receive grades.

You can view your grades at any time through the MyENMU Portal:

  1. Log into the MyENMU Portal.
  2. Click on Student Records on left side menu.
  3. Click "Final Grades" and select the semester for which you want to view your grades.

View dual enrollment deadlines and important Dates

Student Privacy

As an ENMU dual enrollment student, you are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is a federal law and prohibits the dual enrollment coordinator, instructors and professors from discussing you and your grades with anyone other than you, even if you are under 18. This protection also prevents us from discussing you or your educational information with a parent or guardian. If you wish to allow access to your educational record, download, complete, and submit the student consent form listed below:

View ENMU FERPA information

View the student consent form

Note that in order to earn credits at the high school level, your information must be shared with your high school representative, the NMHED, and the NMPED. Your registration form includes a FERPA agreement allowing the release of this information.


Your dual enrollment credits are college-level grades and are part of your permanent academic record. When you take courses at ENMU, you'll have access to request an official copy of your transcript (ENMU academic record). Once you are enrolled, you'll be able to log in to the MyENMU Portal to view your academic record, or request transcripts at any time.

View ENMU transcript information