Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I need on my first day of work?

For HR purposes, you will need to bring one form of ID from list A or one form of ID from list B and C to verify the I-9 Form. This list is located in the forms section under Form I-9. You will also need to bring proof of insurance, proof of dependency (birth certificate, marriage certificate) your car registration, and driver's license in order to get a parking pass through University Police.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to enroll my wife and/or children on my medical, dental, vision, or life insurance?

Yes, please bring your marriage certificate and birth certificate if you need to enroll dependents on your insurance plans.

Q: If I decline medical coverage during my 31-day window of opportunity, may I enroll to NMPSIA medical coverage at a later date?

If you do not turn in your application during your 31-day window of opportunity, you may enroll late to any of the medical plans. Late entrants are subjected to a maximum 18-month pre-existing conditions limitation period.

Q: What does "maximum allowable charge" in the United Concordia plan mean?

The maximum allowable charge (MAC) is the discounted amount that network dentists agree to charge for the covered service. United Concordia network dentists accept this amount as payment-in-full, collect only the applicable coinsurance from the member and cannot bill members for any amount over the maximum allowable charge.

Q: With the United Concordia plan, will orthodontic benefits be paid if I am currently undergoing orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontic treatment plan must be submitted by the treating provider to determine the remaining benefit that you may be entitled.

Q: How long does it take to become vested in retirement?

If you are enrolled in an ERB retirement plan it takes five or more years of service credit to become vested. If you have an Alternative Retirement Plan through TIAA - CREF or Fidelity you are immediately vested upon enrollment.

Q: If I resign will I get both the Employee and the Employer contributions?

Only if you are vested will you be able to take both the Employer and Employee contributions.

Q: Where do I get my ID card?

ID cards are issued in the Student Academic Services (SAS) Building (which is right next to the administration building) in room 107.

Q: When do we get paid?

ENMU runs on a bi-weekly pay schedule resulting in 26 payrolls. Because two months out of the year we have three payrolls within the month, the third payroll does not have voluntary deductions taken out of it. This results in only 24 payrolls that include all deductions.