ENMU Campus Bookstore

The ENMU Campus Bookstore is managed by Barnes and Noble and is partnered with ENMU to provide you with a variety of goods and services at competitive prices. You can buy your books, find cool ENMU apparel and get many class supplies among other things in the bookstore. Located next to the Campus Union (CUB), the bookstore also has extended hours during the first week of each semester and is also open on Saturdays for special events or upon request from groups or organizations. The bookstore phone number is 575.562.2715 and the store manager can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bookstore Hours

Textbook Rentals

Some textbooks can be pretty expensive. Textbook rentals are generally less than half of the cost of a new book. In order to rent textbooks, you'll have to provide a credit or debit card as security against the rental, and your card will only be charged if you do not return your rented books. Rentals are due for return the day after the last day of finals. In addition to textbook rentals most books are also available as new, used and as digital books to be either purchased or rented.

For more information on digital textbooks please visit NookStudy.com >

Online Orders

You may pre-order textbooks on the bookstore's website, enmu.bncollege.com. The website can also be reached from enmu.edu/Bookstore. Orders placed online may be charged to a student's account by choosing the SFA payment option at checkout. Online orders may be shipped to a student's home or held at the bookstore for pick-up at the beginning of the semester. You can also order textbooks for the classes you are currently registered for through the portal.

Portal Textbook Orders


You can pay for your items with cash, check or major credit card. Each semester there is also a period of time when you can charge books to your student account. This time period begins roughly three weeks before classes start and runs through the first week of classes. You'll need to present your ENMU ID in order to charge to your student account.

Refund Policy

An original cash register receipt must accompany all returns. You can get a refund for books you purchased all the way up until the end of the first week of classes. If you drop a class, you can return the books for that class until the end of the drop/add period.

Gross Receipts Tax

There is no tax charged on textbooks. Normal tax is charged on supplies and other items purchased at the bookstore.


The mission of the ENMU Campus Bookstore is to enhance and support the educational processes of Eastern New Mexico University. The bookstore, managed by Barnes and Noble, partners with the University community to provide appropriate goods and services at competitive prices, help develop and maintain an effective learning environment, reflect an institutional image of competence and quality, provide advice on services and resources appropriate to educational needs, and generate income to augment University resources. In executing this role, the bookstore is committed to high quality, innovation and service.