Auditions for ENMU Music Programs

Audition Requirements: What Do I Need to Do?

Step 1: Apply for Admission. You can audition any time, by appointment, but we recommend you apply for admission to ENMU as soon as possible. You must receive a letter of acceptance from the Office of Enrollment Services before we can award any scholarships or place you in the program of your choice. If you have already applied, but aren't sure about your admission status, you can check your status online at

Step 2: Schedule your audition. If you are planning to visit ENMU, be sure to contact us so we can schedule your audition when you are here for your visit. Find out more about a campus tour, or sign up for a campus tour today! Be sure to note in the comments area that you would like to schedule a music audition during your visit.

Step 3: Audition at your scheduled time. Be sure to bring any required materials with you. Each area has different methods and requirements for auditioning. Please view the areas below for more information.


  1. Concert snare drum etude (ex. Anthony Cirone Portraits in Rhythm; Keith Aleo Advanced Etudes for Snare Drum; Mitchel Peters etudes)
  2. 2-mallet keyboard etude/solo (ex. Works by Green, Goldenberg, Bach, McMillan)
    • While an etude/solo is preferred, students may instead choose to display 2-mallet competency through prepared scale/arpeggio exercises in lieu of an etude/solo.
  3. Timpani etude/solo* (ex. Works by Orfaly, Hochrainer, Horner, Firth, Peters, Goodman)
    • While a timpani solo/etude is preferred, if the student is unable to prepare a timpani etude/solo, a basic technique demonstration including rolls at various dynamics and tuning different pitches will suffice.
  4. Sight-reading – snare drum and 2-mallet keyboard (Students are strongly encouraged to practice sight-reading as diligently as selected audition material.)

If the student would like to demonstrate drum set skills, we suggest submitting a video to display different styles such as rock, swing, funk, bossa nova, as well as any performances with an ensemble. Time permitting, students may request to demonstrate drum set styles live.


  1. Your audition material should include two memorized contrasting selections from standard piano repertoire.
  2. Additionally, you will be asked to sight-read.
  3. Complete theory diagnostic assessment.


  1. Audition material should include two songs from standard vocal repertoire, one of which may be a musical theater selection.
  2. You should also be prepared to sight-read a short excerpt similar to exercises required for all-state auditions.
  3. Bring three letters of reference (from people such as teachers) and a copy of your official transcript.
  4. Complete theory diagnostic assessment.


  1. Complete a Band Application for membership in our band program.
  2. Audition material should consist of a prepared solo and/or two contrasting études and all major scales.
  3. Additionally, you will be asked to sight-read.
  4. Complete theory diagnostic assessment.

Schedule Your Audition

To schedule an audition, please call 575.562.2377, or use our online audition form. The best way to audition for our music programs is by coming to our campus for a live audition during your campus visit.

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