Experience – Sophomores and Juniors

As a sophomore or a junior, it is essential that you move from exploration to experience as you learn about professionalism, leadership and careers through "experiential" or "hands on" learning. This is a fundamental aspect of making connections to further define your career path and understand hard and soft skills needed to be employable after your college career.

Suggested Career Exploration for Sophomores

During your sophomore year, you will want to further explore your career interests and the world of work. As a sophomore, you will have:

  • Declared you major and feel comfortable with your choice and potential job opportunities.
  • Mastered the skill of research while completing class projects and use these research skills to manage your own personal exploration and begin to experience areas of interest.

Career Experience Resources for Sophomores

Additional Exploration of Careers

Suggested Career Experiences for Juniors

Connecting with On-Campus Mentors

On-campus faculty and staff have a multitude of experiences in the world of work outside of teaching. There may be a faculty or staff member you would like to reach out to for more information about a career field. Also, there a number of alumni who are available to answer your career questions through an informational interview.

Greyhound Connection On-Campus Mentors ENMU Alumni Mentoring

Informational Interviewing

As you make a professional connections, through a mentor, alumni office or a job shadowing experience, you will want to interview your professional to gather clear information about their experience within their career.

Job Shadowing

For a local shadowing experience reach out to [email protected] – we will help you make a local connection that can offer you insight into a career field.

Planning for an Internship

Internships are a primary step to gaining professional experience and further clarifying your career path. The value of internships has been well established for decades within universities (see Internships positively impact student competencies, 8 great reasons to intern).

Additional Internship Resources

Looking for something specific for your experience? Try:

Designing your Resume

Whether for an internship application or part-time experience while in college, at this time you want to craft a strong resume. Your resume should demonstrate your variable skills and professionalism you have gained as a student, part-time worker, and from any activities that you have been involved in.

During your senior year, you will refine your resume further for your first applications to professional full-time positions.

Career Advisement Appointment

A career advisement appointment is a great step toward understanding how your college activities and classes support your efforts to gain employment. If you haven't had a career advisement appointment yet, connect with us during your sophomore year to further define your potential career path.

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