Defensive Driving

Use of ENMU System Vehicles

The use of ENMU System vehicles may be regulated and governed by the United States Department of Transportation, existing statutes of the State of New Mexico, New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC), ENMU System Policy and/or applicable insurance coverages. All ENMU System employees, including student employees, must successfully complete the approved National Safety Council (NSC) defensive driving course prior to operating an ENMU System owned, leased or rented vehicle for employment or travel. In short, this includes any utility vehicles, maintenance vehicles or electric vehicles that will be operating on any part of a public roadway or parking lot.

Defensive Driving Training

Authorized Drivers

Individuals who are authorized to operate ENMU System vehicles (state vehicles) include students, faculty or staff who are currently employed by the ENMU System and holding a valid and current driver's license and approved defensive driving certification. These employees have permission from their supervisors to use ENMU System vehicles in the furtherance of official ENMU System business.

Authorized Passengers

Means an individual who is permitted to occupy a state vehicle in furtherance of ENMU System business or a person who has received prior authorization from the applicable dean, director, executive administrator or their designees to occupy a state vehicle, or where the transport is part of the daily operations of the ENMU System.

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