Procedural and Technical Notes

Following are some procedural and technical notes to assist participants at ENMU and DramaFest:

  • Each performing school will be allowed to move into our scene shop, Load-In Area 1, 90 minutes prior to your performance time.
  • The total needs of your production (scenery, props, costumes, etc.) must fit within Load-In Area 1. That area measures 10' by 10' (10 feet x 10 feet)
  • No loading in earlier that the 90 minutes stipulated is possible.
  • Your show, by itself, must not run longer than 45 minutes in order to accommodate all interested schools (we strongly recommend for student participants' well-being that you allow for a 25-30 minute running time with 10 minutes total for set-up and strike).
  • Each performing school must wait for the previous school's production to completely strike before moving onto the stage.
  • Each performing school must strike their set and all materials immediately following the performance into Load-Out Area 2 in the scene shop.
  • Each performing school must remove all materials from the scene shop following your critique.
  • ENMU will provide a shop manager to coordinate all of your actions and to answer questions.
  • Only ENMU students and faculty will operate all house equipment. Each school must provide one individual to call any cues from a clearly marked script (a clearly marked script will include "standby" calls at least 10 lines before the desired cue).
  • All sound cues for a production must be played from a computer or MP3 device. It is recommended that a USB flash drive should be on hand as a back up.

We have provided a ground plan of the ENMU main stage to assist in planning. There are eight independent lighting areas provided. Those individual areas will include both a warm and a cool wash. The proscenium is 33 feet wide. The apron is 13 feet deep.

Feel free to contact us should you have any production related questions. We are eager to share and to empower your school to shine!

For More Information Contact

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