Keyboard / Piano

The course of study for our undergraduate piano degree, the Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, combines a careful balance of applied lessons, performance, academic coursework and accompanying. ENMU's including coursework and accompanying in the curriculum allows you to receive a complete education that serves you in many ways including your preparation for entrance into graduate schools, your training to become a successful piano teacher, or your gaining practical experience in pursuing successful performing and accompanying careers.

Piano Minor

The minor in piano is designed to serve you, if you wish to continue learning, performing and enjoying music for the piano, while concentrating on another area of study.

Additional Piano Offerings

Our piano courses are designed for students with varying levels of experience and taught in our state-of-the-art MIDI piano lab by members of the piano faculty.


The Department of Music maintains an inventory of upright, largely new grand (Steinway and Kawai), and concert grand pianos. Our piano lab features new digital Kawai keyboards that are integrated with a KLCS Music Lab System and a Key/Note Visualizer. The lab also houses a Yamaha Disklavier piano.