Endorsement in General Science with Elementary and Special Education Licensure

Up to 12 hours of science coursework taken as part of the General Education Requirements may apply to this endorsement area. You must take the 151/L courses. If you choose this endorsement area as your minor, be sure to visit with your advisor to assist with your selection of electives.

General Science Course Requirements (16 hours)

Biology 154/L General Biology I: Subcellular through Organismic Biology OR
Biology 155/L General Biology II: Organismic through Supraorganismic Biology
Chemistry 151/L General Chemistry I 4
Geology 151/L Physical Geology 4
Physics 151/L General Physics 4

Elective Courses (8 hours)
Complete two of the following.

Biology 209/L Anatomy and Physiology I 4
Biology 216/L General Botany 4
Biology 301/L Entomology 4
Geology 123/L Earth Resources 4
Geology 152/L Historical Geology 4
Physics 141/L Astronomy 4